Consistency Is Key – Show Up On Social Media

While social sites such as Facebook and Twitter make the world a smaller place, allowing people and businesses to connect around the world, you shouldn’t overlook the local impact. As an estate agent, you know the power of local. Your local knowledge, expertise and reputation helps you sell homes, it helps you attract buyers, and it underpins much of the work you do every day.

Therefore, estate agents should be on social media, as it is perfect for connecting on a local basis. There is a lot of content for people to view, but what makes people stop scrolling and pay attention to what is on their timelines? Content of people and places they know.

As a local business, you have a genuine opportunity to stop people in their tracks, and when you have their attention, you can connect with them. Local news, images, video clips, stories and recommendations all draw attention, and by creating and sharing this style of content, you can develop your ideal audience.

There are many guides on what estate agents should post and what your audience wants to see. There are so many things to consider, but a lot of guides overlook a key factor in social media success. Perhaps this trait is a given, and you should know how vital it is for your success. Perhaps some of the gurus and experts don’t want to remind you of the need for this trait, so they don’t mention it until they have taken your money for a course you don’t really need.

Okay, we’re not going to drag this out longer because the title of the article should tell you that this guide is all about being consistent. You need to do a lot of things to achieve success on social media, but without consistency, the process becomes much harder.


Okay, now that you know you need to be consistent, you are likely asking, “how can I be consistent on social media?” We are here to help.

You must show up on social media and consistency is key
You’ve likely heard or read that organic reach on social media is waning, and this is true. However, as with many things these days, the extent is over-exaggerated. Also, the impact is often more strongly felt because people and businesses react to these reports and wither double-down or give up.

These are both bad strategies to follow when it comes to social media.

Various studies indicate that when you post excessively, the reach of all your posts falls. Therefore, while you think that posting more frequently on social media will balance out the drop-in reach for individual posts, this isn’t the case. All that happens here is you spend more time (and possibly money) creating and sharing more content that doesn’t reach an audience. This should be avoided.

Alternatively, some businesses decide that creating and sharing posts isn’t worth the effort, and stop maintaining a social presence. This is guaranteed to result in you having no impact on social media, so this should also be avoided.

Not to retell you the story of Goldilocks and the three estate agents looking to find the ideal solution for social media posts, but look for the middle option. Maintain a presence and post consistently, and you’ll still enjoy benefits of social media.

Should I continue to post on social media even if organic reach is down?

Even though you may not reach your full audience with every post, or reach as many people as you would like, you should still post on a regular basis. Benefits of social media posting include:

• Developing brand awareness of your services
• Informing your audience
• Drawing attention to specific offers or deals which are time-sensitive
• Strengthening your position as a local agent who operates in the local community
• You create an opportunity for customer feedback
• Social media posting still represents an affordable way to reach your desired audience
• Network opportunities with local businesses

These are all benefits which help you in your business, both in the short and long-term. We know every organisation is looking for instant results, but for now, organic posting on social media is more about playing the long-game.

In the competitive property market industry, you want to be regarded as a local specialist, a trusted expert and a company people and other firms can depend on. Your social media posts allow you to achieve this, but you must be consistent.

How often should I post on social media?
Facebook – If you have less than 10,000 followers, post once per day, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you should post twice per day (according to Hubspot)

Twitter – You should post between three and five times a day on Twitter (according to Social Bakers)

Instagram – You should post once or twice a day on Instagram (according to Union Metrics)

LinkedIn – You should post once a day on LinkedIn (according to LinkedIn)

If you are worried about how often you should post, having researched data at your fingertips provides you with confidence. Therefore, the guidelines above are a fantastic starting point in determining how often you should post on social media.

However, these are just guidelines. Your account and your followers may not operate or behave like other accounts, so you need to find what works best for you and your audience.

Not only is there a lot of information regarding how often you should post, but there is also a lot of research when is the best time to post on social media. The experts will tell you that the weekends are the best time to post for Facebook reach while posting at 1 pm is the best time of day to post if you want your audience to share your content.

There is logic to these ideas, many people have more free time at the weekends, and will be on social media making plans and sharing their own stories, so they should see more posts. Similarly, people taking their lunch break often pop onto their social media accounts, so you can see why prominent posts at 1 pm are more likely to be shared than posts shared at 11.15am or 3.42 pm.

However, just because these are the days and figures presented to you as the average doesn’t mean they are the ideal time for you. You need to consider your audience, and what their social media habits are. If many people in your area work shifts, 10 pm at night or 2 am may be the “lunchtime” for many professionals in your area, meaning these times are busy social media times.

Making the most of social media does involve trial and error. This is frustrating for estate agents, because you understandably want to be told when and how to post to achieve most success. Sadly, social media marketing doesn’t work like that. However, by posting at various times, and analysing the response, you get to know your audience, and you can work out the days and times when it is best for you to post content.

When you know the best times to post on social media, it is vital you post at these times, and pop up consistently when your audience is on, and when they expect you to be present.

Be consistent, even when your output is varied
Consistency comes in many shapes and forms, and you mustn’t become boring, repetitive or predictable. It is well-known that images and video clips engage your audience and perform much better than standard written posts.

Therefore, if you focus a lot of your time and energy on visual posts, you are doing well. However, consistency doesn’t mean doing the same thing every time. Therefore, even if you share videos, why not try to offer:

• Walk-through videos of the property you offer for sale
• Video testimonials of previous clients and customers
• Videos of the local community and amenities
• Explainer videos where a member of staff discusses the services you offer
• List videos that provide tips to your audience
• Reviews of local shops and services
• Behind the scenes footage of your business
• Interviews with staff members

The same goes for images. You should offer images of property you offer. Still, you should also share photographs of happy customers at the end of the buying and sales process, images of the local area, historic photographs of your area and images of local shops you recommend. You can even create infographics that provide information to your audience.

Other types of post you can offer include audio clips, podcasts and polls. There is no shortage of options for creating and sharing content, so don’t think consistency has to be about your type of post. Consistency should come in the tone, message and delivery of your content.

Be consistent in your message
No matter what you post on social media, you want people to know it came from you. You can use logos, colours and the same font to be consistent, and this helps people to remember you and your posts. Before you create a lot of posts, create consistency in your branding and how and where you share logos and information.

However, you also need to be consistent in how you speak to people. If you have a light-hearted or friendly reputation, this should come across in your posts. If you have a formal approach to the property market, make sure your content is consistent with what people think of you.

If you are a formal company offering information and guidance, don’t be surprised if people become confused if all your social media posts featuring your staff wearing Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses. There is no harm in having some fun on social media, don’t forget the social aspect of the name, but your posts should be consistent with your overall brand and message.

Consistent posts work with social media advertising
Returning to the diminishing reach of organic posts, it is easy to see why social media companies have amended their algorithms to create this outcome. These platforms would rather, businesses had to pay for adverts to reach their audience than connect with people for free.

This is annoying, but for now, social media adverts such as Facebook advertising still represent value for money. The targeting capabilities of these adverts allow you to reach the people you want to reach. The ability to design and create an advert that gets your point across and helps you connect with your audience in the right way is also helpful.

However, too many businesses, and too many estate agents think one advert is all they need to clinch a sale or welcome new clients to their mailing list. For a Fast-Moving Consumer Good (FMCG), maybe this is the case. Buyers don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about which soft drink they should buy next.

For a property move through, people want to make an informed decision. A vendor wants to make sure an estate agent is perfectly equipped and experienced to sell their home. A buyer wants to make sure an estate agent offers them the best range of properties to choose from. It is often difficult to ascertain this through a single advert.

Therefore, if you want to enhance your chances of engaging your audience and being the agent they choose for their next move, combine organic posts with social media advertising. Going all-in with one advert is ineffective. You need to provide your audience with reasons as to why you are the ideal agent for their needs, which means a four-week social media advertising campaign is perfect for your needs.

Over the campaign, your ads and organic posts work together to present a fully-formed representation of what you offer, what properties are available, and why you are the ideal agent for your clients’ needs. Consistent posts ensure you are the agent which springs to mind, and by the end of the campaign, covering the critical aspects of your business and local industry, your audience has a compelling argument to select you over the other local agents.

Consistency is vital in this approach, because when every new post, paid and organic, builds on the previous post, you take your audience on a journey, and they go with you step by step.

If you like the idea of creating consistency of social media posts, through paid and organic methods, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, help is available. Agent Media has helped many estate agents develop campaigns that share their message, and make sure local buyers and vendors opt for their service. If you want to benefit from consistency, contact the organisation that consistently delivers results for estate agents like you.

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