Content Ideas Estate Agents Can Use On Social Media


You know that you need to provide regular content on social media to engage and interact with your audience. The only problem is that you also want to produce high quality content that will be enjoyed and shared by people.

Estate agents that focus only on the quantity as opposed to the quality of their social media content will find that many users unfollow them because they don’t like being inundated with content. Conversely, some firms that provide sporadic content of a high quality may find it impossible to build momentum because they are not engaging enough.

This means you need to provide quality and quantity, which means you have to do some work when creating content for your social media sites. You should look to research your industry and local area to find viable pieces of content.

There are plenty of ways in which you can obtain good quality information to use as a basis for your posts, and utilising Google News and selecting RSS feeds will ensure you have a steady stream of content that is fit to be shared with your users. Don’t forget you can also create content that is based around your firm, your employees and your properties. This means you have a chance to provide fresh and original content that no one else offers.

You also need to ensure that the content you provide ties in with your branding and image. It doesn’t matter if you have a serious or fun image, as long as the content you post ties in with that image, you will be doing okay.

If you are unsure of what sort of content you should provide on your social media pages, here are some tips for you to follow:

• Provide property news
• Provide mortgage news
• Offers tips for DIY work
• Provide information for landlords / tenants / vendors
• Provide tips on buying property and obtaining a mortgage
• Write a blog based on your experience and expertise
• Write about a local area
• Choose one property to focus on every week
• Share stories from your local community
• Offer stories about your firm and employees
• Provide listings of any job vacancies you have
• Ask questions of your followers and engage them
• Provide information about local property prices
• Post on celebrity property gossip

When you are thinking about the sort of content there are a number of things you need to weigh up. You need to think if this property is relevant to your firm, and to the people you are looking to post to. Will it fit with the image and identity of your business and will it sit neatly within the social media platform.

There is a need for companies to be fun and professional, which can be a challenge at times, but with forward planning, it becomes a lot easier. It is important to keep in mind what you do and what you want to achieve, and this will provide the platform for your relevancy.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK