Content ideas for your Estate and Letting Agency for 2019

If you are planning your marketing activities for 2019, it is vital that you consider your social media activities. You know that you need to offer interesting content to engage your audience and hopefully gain instructions, but it can be difficult to know what to say or share.

At Agent Media, we are here to help. If you are struggling for content ideas, start with the big holidays or important ideas. We are here to offer you some content ideas for your estate and letting agency for 2019.

Valentine’s Day

In 2019, Valentine’s Day unsurprisingly falls on the 14th of February, as it does every year, but this will be a Thursday. Therefore, it could provide a chance to share content midweek. As with most major events, there will be an opportunity for companies to engage the special occasion or work against it.

An anti-Valentine’s day message or theme can be just as effective as one that has a theme of love and romance, so make sure you choose a tone that is right for your company. However, if you want to tap into the mood of love, why not create and share video testimonials from your clients saying how much they love your service?

This is a fantastic way to make quick and easy videos that people want to see but which can also be tied into the season.

Easter 2019
In 2019, Easter Sunday falls on Sunday the 21st of April and for many people, Easter is a time to gather with the family. Hopefully, people will have time off from work to spend with their loved ones and it is likely that they will be looking for activities.

This is an ideal time of year to run a competition that sees people active and engaging with your estate agent. While you may not want to host an Easter egg event, running a competition where you get people to look for clues or locations in your local area and then share images with you on social media will generate excitement and engagement.

It would be easy for you to go around local landmarks and create video footage, giving people tips or clues on what to do next in the competition.

Sporting events
You should be careful with sporting events because for every keen sports fan there is probably someone who dislikes sport. However, these major events pull together and there is no reason why you cannot tap into one of these big occasions with interviews with your team members.

If one of your team members supports a team involved or love the sport, interview them and get them to speak about their hobby and passion. This allows you to showcase your team, creating a more personal connection that your audience will appreciate.

Some dates to consider include:

• Super Bowl falls on Sunday the 3rd of February
• The FA Cup final takes place on Saturday the 18th of May
• The Champions League final takes place on Saturday the 1st of June
• The Rugby World Cup begins in Japan on Friday the 20th of September

Mother’s Day
It is not as if you need a special day to show your mum you care about her, but it is nice to make a fuss over your mum on Mother’s Day. In 2019, Mothering Sunday in the UK falls on the 31st of March. In the run-up to the occasion, why not interview the mums of your team members, offering insight into your staff members.

Alternatively, why not interview mums in the local area and get them to speak about their views and hopes for the property or rental market. A lot of people feel as though their opinions are not listened to, so if you position yourself as an estate agent that listens to people and provides them with a platform, it can only be positive for your reputation in the local area.

For sake of equality, Father’s Day occurs on Sunday the 16th of June in 2019.

At Agent Media, we believe in the importance of planning your content. Scheduling content around special dates or occasions will help you to be prepared while creating content that boosts your business and helps you connect with your audience. If you would like assistance in developing fantastic content for your audience, get in touch.

Written by
Ian Watson
Agent Media