Content Is King In The Social Media World


If you have been involved with online or internet marketing in recent times, you will probably be bored of the phrase “content is King”. This has been one of the most commonly used terms you are likely to hear, but it remains as true today as it did when it was first coined. The saying is also true for social media platforms. Most businesses understand that having a Twitter and Facebook account is important but the question of what to post remains a tricky subject.

It is believed that well over 50% of all UK estate agents have some form of presence on social media but a far smaller proportion are using it wisely. You will find that many firms initiated their social media presence, stuck with it for a month or two but then stopped updating it due to a lack of notable returns or benefits.

You can see why a business would do this but the real benefits of social media come in the long term, and there is a lot to be said for the fact that success only comes when you take things step by step. It can be difficult to think in the long term when you are keen to experience positive results but with respect to social media, you need to be prepared to put the work in before you get a positive response.

You need to post regularly, and you need to provide good quality content that is relevant to your firm and to your audience. You can see that the phrase “content is King” is still highly relevant when it comes to promoting your business on social media platforms. This means you need to think about your firm, your image and your brand before you get started. You also need to think about your audience and what they are looking for from you.

Having these two elements in place before you start is one of the most important aspects you need for successful social media promotion, and it is an aspect that so many businesses overlook or neglect.

If you are unsure of what sort of content you can provide that will be relevant to you and your business, the following topics are likely to be of benefit:

• Ask relevant questions of your users, helping you to find out what they want from you
• Buying tips
• Charity & local contributions
• Company news
• DIY guides and tips
• Funny property related pictures/videos
• Local companies/supplier news that will be of interest and can create a business link
• Mortgage news and tips
• Post local house price updates
• Post job vacancies
• Post pictures of local events
• Profile pics and bios of your employees
• Post weird & wonderful properties
• Post client testimonials and positive feedback
• Property News
• Provide an insight into a new property every week (a property of the week spot)
• Set up regular competitions to encourage engagement and shares
• Share celebrity property gossip which will likely generate a lot of shares
• Share community news and positive stories from the local areas
• Tips for vendors / landlords / tenants
• Write about the local area
• Write Blogs on a range of relevant topics

The posts don’t need to be long but they should be informative and useful. You want to come across as knowledgeable and friendly if you can. The beauty of social media is that information can be shared in an instant, so if you provide interesting or relevant content, you’ll find that your company can develop an audience base in no time.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK