How A Conveyancer Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage


While it seems that business experts are falling over themselves to extol the virtues and benefits of social media, it is important for firms to weigh up if it is the right medium for their business. Modern firms with a youthful image and identity will find that social media fits in with their branding, and can have a huge impact on how they engage with their clients. Business operating in a more traditional industry may wonder if social media is the best outlet for them, and this is definitely the case for conveyancers.

It is easy to see that conveyancers have retained a lot of traditional working practices, and this may lead some conveyancers to believe that sticking with traditional marketing and communication channels will be of benefit. This isn’t the case though and modern conveyancers should understand that social media provides an excellent opportunity to provide the best possible service to clients.

The emergence of the internet has transformed the way that people search for home and social media sites are a natural progression of these developments. These are some of the ways in which a conveyancer can use social media to their advantage.

You will be where people search
Recent studies by a number of property market experts indicate that over 90% of potential property buyers start their search online. This means that as a conveyancer, you want to be online to capitalise on the fact that this is where your market is. Having your own website may be a great starting point but when it comes to spreading the word and allowing people to come across your properties in an easier and more convenient manner, promoting yourself on social media is an extremely sensible strategy.

You can connect immediately
The property market is extremely fast-moving, so surely it makes sense to be in a position where you can connect quickly and effectively with clients. Social media creates a platform where you can develop a relationship with your clients and communicate in a two way manner. Not only can you promote what you have on offer, you can listen to what your clients are looking for, allowing you to provide them with more relevant information and searches in the future. Thanks to the ease of communication through social media, you can build yourself a strong two-way relationship with all of your clients.

You will improve your customer service
If there are problems with your business or customer service, you want to hear about it directly, and you want to be able to act straight away. This is one of the strongest elements of social media communication, and if you are looking to strengthen your business and find out what areas you need to improve on, using social media is a great way to do so.

The fact that social media provides you with a free platform where you can develop your brand is crucial but for most conveyancers, being able to communicate directly with potential property buyers or sellers is one of the most important reasons to utilise this platform.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK