Coronavirus: Content Ideas for your Estate and Letting Agency

I would like to provide you with 10 content ideas that will be helpful in maintaining your social presence while supporting your audience. Right now, we don’t believe sales and promotional messages are of value, they may even be detrimental to how your business is perceived. However, people are looking for guidance, information and diversions.

  1. Home improvements people can undertake while they are at home
  2. Ways to improve storage at home
  3. Posting live on Facebook, sharing information about your local community and what support is available in your local area
  4. Actively assisting your local community and sharing posts about how others can help
  5. Tips on how to prepare for the buying/selling/letting/renting process later
  6. Showcase you and your team members working from home
  7. Provide examples of how yourself and other local businesses can work together
  8. Offer tips on films, Tv shows, music, books, games or other forms of entertainment to keep people occupied while at home
  9. Remaining positive yet realistic about the situation
  10. Sharing acts of kindness you have seen online

As we all know, we are living through unprecedented times, and I would like to convey my hopes you, your team and all your loved ones keep safe and well. If Agent Media can be of any assistance, please contact us, and we will do our best to support you.