Corporate Brand v Personal Brand

Branding is vital for estate agents, but what brand is more important. Is it more important for a company to have a striding and confident corporate brand that people instantly recognise or is a personal and more identifiable brand better for winning clients? There are arguments to support both brand personas and at Agent Media, we are here to help you develop the ideal personality for your estate agency company or you personally.

There are many reasons why people want to do business with a corporate entity, so you need to ensure that your estate agency has a corporate brand. Some of these reasons include:
• The perception of size as strength
• If a company has grown to such a generous size, they must have pleased a lot of customers
• An estate agency with a lot of reviews and feedback can be trusted and relied upon
• A large estate agency can offer economies of scale
• If an employee is off work, you are more confident that there is someone else to undertake work

These are all crucial factors that many people will consider when looking for an estate agent. There is a perceived air of dependability in choosing a well-known firm, and given the importance of property transactions, people are looking for confidence and assurance.

Many people want the personal touch when selling or letting property
However, given the importance of a property deal, people want to feel as though they are being listened to and that their work matters. When you deal with a major company, it can be easy to consider yourself as a number or a faceless client as opposed to someone who is about to receive the highest standard of service.

People like to deal with people. In the property market, it is often the engagement and connection between the agent and client that makes people feel at ease and ultimately builds a relationship.

It is therefore important to realise that corporate branding and personal branding are both important and ideally, you should have both in place. This is a hugely competitive market place which means estate agents need to work for a dependable firm with a great track record but who can also be relied upon individually for a high standard of service.

This is just as true for the letting and rental market. Landlords look to develop a close connection with agents and build up a relationship over time.

Empowering employees brings them within a corporate brand without losing their identity
An effective way for an estate agency to benefit from this scenario is to empower their employees on social media. A growing trend is for an estate agent to have a company social media profile while each employee has a personal social media account for their role. These accounts can share content with each other, but it helps to reinforce the idea of each agent having their own skills, traits and personality within the confines of the organisation.

Ways in which an individual can showcase their personality while linking into the company identity include:
• Social media posts
• Video content
• Blog posts
• Opinion pieces
• Sharing of content from the company and other agents
• Interviews on the main site’s content platforms

The use of images and video content with the employee in a work’s uniform or being pictured alongside the company logo and branding helps to reinforce the connection between the employee and company.

The combination of these identities makes it easier for prospective customers to choose an agent and be confident about the service they will receive. When a client finds an agent they like or whose they appreciate and know that they have a reputable firm behind them, the client can be confident about hiring them to act in the sale or letting of their property.

If you wan to ensure that your company finds the ideal bend between corporate brand versus personal brand, come and speak with Agent Media. We are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents develop their profiles in this field and we look forward to helping you connect with your audience.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK