Win More Property Instructions With Quality Content

When it comes to winning instructions, you need to persuade people that your estate agent is better for them than your rivals and peers. The best way to achieve this is to make people trust you and you must provide your audience with reasons to trust you over other options. You will find that one of the best ways to achieve this is to provide quality content that showcase your experience, your knowledge, your confidence, your results and how you can help people.

At Agent Media, we are firm believers in the power of content and we are going to provide you with some subject matters that will help you create more property instructions with quality content.

Talk about local house prices
One of the most prominent issues for people in the property market is the price of homes. Whether someone is a buyer, seller, homeowner, investor, landlord or tenant, they will have an interest in house price. By talking about local house prices, you provide people with information that they want to know, and you showcase yourself as a firm that understands the local market.
This is a double-benefit that persuades clients that you can be relied upon, making local house prices one of the most essential topics you can focus on.

Offer guidance on rental yields
Another very important area of the property market is the buy-to-let market. There is a huge level of demand for rental property and it is easy to see why so many people are interested in the investment opportunity provided by the platform.

These investors want to make sure that they can make a strong return on their investment, and the expected rental yield is an indicator of this. Therefore, if you provide expected rental yields and discuss the cost of property and demand for rental accommodation, you give investors exactly what they need.

Local community and local amenities
While a buyer wants information about individual properties they have an interest in, they are also interested in information regarding the local area. After all, if a house is fantastic but there are no viable transport options, no suitable local schools and a lack of shops in the surrounding area, a lot of buyers will decide against looking for a home in this area.

Sellers often must sell the local area as much as they sell their individual home, so no matter who you want to appeal to, local information is of interest and benefit.

Reach out to investors
If you are looking to generate traffic, it makes sense to appeal to customers who are likely to use your services time and time again. An individual or household may move home a few times which could help you gain custom on a few occasions but for repeat business, investors are far more beneficial to you.

Provide investors with the information that they need, or which helps them make an informed decision and you will be the expert that they will turn to.

Vendor related articles
Then again, any instruction is worth pursuing in the estate agency industry these days, and you can create content that is aimed at vendors. If you provide a vendor with tips and make the selling process as straightforward for them as possible, it is likely that they will trust you and decide to hire you to help them sell property.

The quality of your content impacts on the way people think about your estate agency and the services you offer. You want to create as strong an impression as possible and the most effective way to do this is through offering informative, likeable, sharable and relevant content.

At Agent Media, we are highly experienced in helping estate agents create, deliver and share content that strengthens their brand and informs their audience. If you are keen to prove why you are the number one agent in your area of field, contact Agent Media for help.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK