Creating A Local Identity On Social Media

You know that brand, image and identity are essential to letting agents. In a highly competitive marketplace, you need to differentiate yourself from rival firms and professionals. Your price and services are a way to differentiate yourself, but you often need to do more, and this is why you need a strong identity.

In the property and letting industry, local identity is a positive identity to have. When you operate in a local area, you want to develop a local audience. Therefore, you should have this as a cornerstone of your promotional activities.

If you currently don’t have a strategy for your social media content, you may be letting yourself down. However, you can change this quickly, cultivating an identity which ensures your audience connects with you.

Why should agents have a local identity on social media?
As a letting agent, you likely know the importance of local identity for your business. This is as true for social media as it is for your business, and here are some key reasons why agents should have a local identity on social media:

• Your audience is mainly in the local area
• People want to find a local expert they can trust
• Local knowledge is a crucial factor in the property market
• Many people share local content

How can agents develop a local identity on social media?
Now you know why (or you’ve been reminded why) you need a local identity on social media, how can letting agents develop a regional identity? Thankfully, there are many ways you can cultivate a local presence and play a part in your local community.

Share local pictures and video clips
The presence of smartphones is commonly cited as a blight on modern life, but for a business, they are a vital tool. No matter where you are, you can take a quick snap or even create a video. By creating content around your office and in the local community, you create content that people instantly recognise. When you share this content, people stop, because they know the places you show.

Social media moves fast, and there is a lot of content placed in front of people. A lot of the content won’t register. Users skim material, and they’ll scroll beyond content that doesn’t seem relevant to them. However, local images and video clips are relevant.

If someone recognises a shop, a street, a house or a landmark they know, there is a higher chance they will stop. Once you have grabbed their attention, it becomes easier to connect with people. Tell them something interesting or offer them a benefit for stopping and paying attention.

Talk about local matters
A great way to present yourself as a local firm is to talk about local issues. A brilliant image will stop people in their tracks, so follow it up with a pressing issue. If there is a local council issue which needs to be resolved, or people have concerns about something in their community, you have a platform to voice opinions and support others.

By doing so, and using your platform to support others rather than solely promoting yourself, you will develop an identity that people like.

Support local stores, charities and community groups
Following on with the importance of supporting others rather than solely promoting yourself, look to help other businesses. There are many great companies in your area which need encouraging, and many charities or community groups which deserve backing.

If you always visit the same coffee shop each morning, mention them to your audience. If you or someone you know benefits from work a charity does or are involved in a community group, spread the word about them.

In the long-term, you benefit from added shares, likes and people viewing you as a company that cares about the people around them. In the short-term, you can do a lot of good for other people.

Provide relevant local property market information
Even though some people will say property prices and changes in the market are dull, this is the industry you operate in. While it is good to have a fun image as a local firm, there will come a time when a potential customer needs a professional, and you want to be the expert they turn to.

Therefore, share your credentials. State local house prices, talk about the movement in prices and offer insight into what is happening in your local area. This content won’t always engage your audience. There will be times when people’s eyes glaze over when you mention interest rates and property prices, but ultimately, people need to know this information before they make a massive decision in their life.
By sharing this information, you make life easier for people. You speed up the process, and you remove a lot of the hard work. These are outcomes your audience is looking for, and they’ll regard you as the market expert.

Share user-generated content
If you have users sharing content related to your work or service, share it. User-generated content is critical for success on social media these days. If you provide an excellent service, people are happy to share a review or tell others about what you offer. When they do, make sure you let all your audience know about what you offer.

You can reach a local audience on Facebook
If you want to ensure local people learn all about you, why not reach out to them with Facebook ads. Facebook adverts are an effective way to reach your audience, thanks to the targeting features. An ad campaign over a number of week utilises your local-focused content, helping people get to know you.

If you’re looking for ways to develop a local identity on social media, or you want success at a faster rate, we can help. Contact Agent Media to learn how you can become the number one agent in your local area.

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