Do You Believe In Your Brand? Use Social Media To Tell Others

When it comes to your brand, it is perfectly acceptable that many people have suspicions about companies that place their brand front and centre in everything they do. However, no matter how much you don’t like to think about your brand or how little you feel it is important, it is essential that estate agents realise their brand is often the element that differentiates them from other estate agents and can be the issue that helps them win instructions.

Even if you are an estate agent that doesn’t believe in the notion of a brand and you would much rather focus on being busy, winning clients and making sales, this is your brand. Some firms like to be seen as friendly and helpful, other firms like to be professional and business-like in every transaction. The ethos and style of these firms may be completely opposite, but they are still brands, and it is important that you have a brand that helps you engage your audience and win instructions.

Your brand matters in a competitive marketplace
Therefore, your brand matters and the best place to reinforce the importance of your brand and to ensure that potential clients understand what your brand offers is on social media. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, the content you place on social media and the way you engage your audience has a monumental impact on what people think of you and this impacts on how likely people will be to use your services when they enter the property market.

If you believe that you are a local expert, you need to share this with your audience on social media. Ways you can reinforce your local credentials on social media include:

• Sharing images and video of the local area
• Offer insight into local property prices and valuations
• Promote or interview local shop-owners
• Support local charity groups or good causes
• Provide information about local news stories or public service announcements

There are many ways in which you can detail your local knowledge and interest on social media. Given the importance of a local knowledge and presence on social media, sharing this style of content will develop your local brand and will ensure people associate you with property in this area.

Your brand provides immediate insight into your services
Your brand is about much more than colours or a logo, your brand is what people think of when they see or hear your name, so it is vital that you have a presence behind the brand.

No matter what key aspect you focus on with your brand, social media posts can help, and this is true for firms who focus on the following aspects:

• Price
• Location
• Level of service
• Length of experience in the industry
• Innovative technology and services

If you believe in your brand, it is vital that you share it with your audience. At Agent Media, we are social media specialists and we have helped many estate agents share their brand in the most effective manner. If you want to showcase your brand in the most appropriate manner, contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK