Do You Include Your Social Media Marketing On Your Valuation Pitch?

The valuation pitch is hugely important for estate agents but are you doing everything you can to make the pitch as attractive and as appealing as you can. The valuation pitch is often the factor that persuades clients to choose you over another agent, so if you want to win instructions, it is vital that you make as compelling an argument as possible.

In this regard, do you mention social media marketing on your valuation pitch? As social media marketing is a relatively new tool for estate agents, you may not have updated your traditional practices with modern ways of working. However, given how important social media marketing is in promoting the property, it is a vital component of your valuation pitch and should be regarded as such when attempting to gain instructions.

The audience is on social media, so you should be too
One of the most compelling arguments for utilising social media marketing is that the audience is on social media. People who buy homes use social media and while they don’t use social media to solely buy property or find information about the local market, it is a fantastic platform to use and connect with people.

If you want to make sure a client thinks you are the best firm to help them sell their home, show that you can reach a local audience in an effective manner by detailing how you use social media.

Social media advertising is a cost-effective way to target the right people
When it comes to paid advertising, the cost of the advertising process and the effectiveness matters. In this regard, many sources classes social media advertising as the best value for money advertising platform in engaging a local audience.

The targeting capabilities of social media make this the ideal platform to reach an audience where you know the demographics. It is even possible to create lookalike audiences from our existing following or rival firms, which means you can target the exact people you want to reach out to in no time at all.

Video is crucial on social media and video helps sell homes
Video content is hugely important in selling homes and social media thrives on video content. Therefore, inform prospective clients that you will create video clips and walkthroughs of the property and you will use this content on a platform that loves to see video content.

You can answer questions and engage an audience on social media
One of the best reasons to use social media is found in the name, notably the social aspect. There is a chance to engage people and you can answer questions or provide follow-up information to interested parties. An estate agent with a social media presence is far more likely to each and find an audience, which a vendor should have an interest in.

When you operate in a competitive market, you need to stand apart from your peers and you need to provide potential clients why you are the ideal option. In a valuation pitch, you must inform prospective clients of how you use social media and why this is crucial for them.

Of course, if you need help in living up to your social media claims, contact Agent Media and we’ll be delighted to help you win instructions.

Written by
Ian Watson
Agent Media