Does Your Content Add Value?

When you offer content to your audience, does it have a purpose? It is likely that you will look to drive traffic to your site or to encourage people to take action, but is there a purpose for the user? Everything you offer on social media, your blog and your website should have something of interest to your audience, and estate agents need to ensure that their content adds value to the user.

The first step in this process, as it often is, knowing your audience and then determining what they look for. If you don’t know your audience and what they want from, you cannot be confident in delivering content that adds value.

It is likely that you will have market research on your market and what they are looking for from you. There is also a good chance you will have anecdotal evidence of what your audience needs from you. This should be the basis of the content you create because when you know what people want to see from you, you can offer it, and this provides users with value from their engagement with you.

Know your audience and give them what they want and need
Once you know your audience and what they are looking for, you need to provide this content in a simple way that provides the value to your audience. If people look towards your estate agent to sell homes, you need to show that you understand the local property market. A good way for you to do this is to provide local property prices for your area and information about the market and why these prices are what they are.

It is possible for users to research the market themselves and they will be able to find local prices. Therefore, merely regurgitating local prices that can be found elsewhere doesn’t offer any value to your audience. There is nothing in this information that people cannot find themselves or find elsewhere, so why should anyone take an interest in what your agency has to say?

Go deeper than prices, dig out the reasons that inform these prices
However, when you provide information about these local prices, you start to go deeper into the market. This indicates you are a trusted professional that can be relied on for work in the local area, and you provide value that people aren’t getting elsewhere. This makes it far more likely they will choose your services.

Providing average house prices is relatively simple and it will be informative for many of your clients. However, if you detail what makes the average home so average while providing people with tips on how they can have a home that is better than average, you offer great value for your audience.

There is nothing wrong with vendors charging a fee that is above the average price but these prices need to be justified. If you can show your audience how to justify these prices, you will provide high value and your services will likely be in demand.

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