Don’t use social media or content for your Estate and Letting Agency

You’re probably bored with the number of people telling you to use social media and create great content for your estate and letting agency. This style of advice often goes in one ear and out of the other.

It may be that standing apart from the crowd is more effective, helping to differentiate your agency from other firms. If you think that you shouldn’t use social media or content for your estate and letting agency, here are some great reasons to support your thinking:

People might see you on social media
Who wants to be seen on social media? We’ve all had enough hearing about your cousin’s new car or seeing that funny photograph that has cropped up 100 times in the past month! Social media is like a family party, but it takes place every day, and it follows you around wherever you go.

Is that the sort of thing you want your business associated with? Do you think there’s any benefit to having your business in the kind of place where people visit each day, talk to their friends and loved ones and try to be as friendly or as helpful as possible?

People might talk to you and dare forbid, share your posts so more people can see you
If you think Facebook is bad enough with family members talking to you and sharing your content, can you imagine how challenging it will be when your customers do the same? Facebook is a social media platform and people are going to have questions and want to get your opinion. If you don’t like the idea of people trusting you, seeing you as an expert and coming to you for advice, you don’t want to have a social media presence.

Also, if one of your customers or even your family members share a post you’ve made, who knows who will get to see it? Shared social media content can reach a lot of people, do you want your property listings and adverts being shared, increasing awareness of your company and what you do?

People might click on a link and visit your website
You’ve probably got your website how you like it. The last thing you want is a lot of traffic heading towards your site, increasing page views and giving you more work to do. A lot of people enter the estate agency industry for a quiet life, and that is going to be at risk if you have links on social media heading towards your website.

That’s just the nature of social media; people are curious. If someone sees a post they like, they want to see more, and if people see a link, they’re going to click it. The fact that these links will take them to your website, a place where they hope they can receive more information about what you do or how you can help them, means they’re going to come armed with even more questions and requests.

If you don’t want people liking your posts, treating you as the expert in your industry and clicking links to your website, don’t get in touch with Agent Media. We’re too busy dealing with estate agencies that think they need the extra work, increased instructions and improved reputation that comes from a strong Facebook presence, but we’re sure that isn’t of interest to you.

Hope you like the reverse psychology of this piece!

Should you need help with social media, content writing and Facebook advertising please contact me on or my direct line is 01480 589003.

Thanks for reading.
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK