How To Engage Your Audience On Facebook


Facebook is a fantastic tool to develop relationships with a client, but content on Facebook can move quickly.

These following 15 steps will help you to engage your audience on Facebook.

Provide stories
Adding a personal touch and ensuring people are engaged with what you offer will ensure that people will want to hear more from you.
Be timely with your posts
You need to undertake some Facebook Insights work and determine when your followers and fans are online. Once you know this time, post content when people are most likely to see it.
Don’t neglect non-peak hour users
Okay, the majority of your content should be aimed at your most common users but remember to provide content aimed at non-peak users too. This will ensure they feel that you are looking out for them, and you may get a better return posting at non-busy times.
Talk about what is on trend
The algorithms of Facebook will boost he posts that are related to trending topics.
Take your users behind the scenes of your business
This is a tremendous way to show your business in a more personal manner, it greatly increases the level of content you can offer and it should help to boost your fun image and identity.
Join the selfie craze
It seems as though the whole world is going mad for selfies, so get involved. Fun and interesting selfies from your business will engage your audience in an effective manner.
It’s not all business
If you are looking to create a relationship, you can’t solely post business content. Sometimes sharing a random thought will help you to make more of an impact with your audience.
Ask questions
It is good to ask questions at the best of times, but if you are genuinely looking for business feedback, ask your users what they think of your services and branding.
Remember the 3 Ps
No matter what Facebook deems to be important in ranking content and placing posts on people’s pages, sticking with the 3 Ps – Personal, Purpose and Promotion will help you to make a more positive impression.
Be original
If all you do is share meme content from other pages or pass off other’s work as your own, you will find that your fans start to drift away from your page. Be sure to add original content as much as you can.
Remember that you are a human
You will likely have found automated software programs promising to support you in developing a Facebook audience but this can do more harm than good in the long-term. It is important to show your personal and human side.
Add descriptions to your images and video
If you create posts that are images and videos, make sure that you add creative descriptions around the images, providing your users with your take on the subject or matter.
Provide inspiring quotes
It is important to provide original content, but sometimes sharing inspirational quotes is exactly what people want.
Show your product or service in use
This is the best way to show what your product or service can do.
Make sure you add video content
Video content is becoming increasingly important in marketing, so be sure to add video content to your Facebook page.

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Written By

Ian Watson


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