How An Estate Agent Can Use Pinterest To Their Advantage


Given the competitive nature of the property market, it is important that estate agents do what they can to reach out to clients. In recent years, there has been a surge of new communication channels open to clients, and this has provided an increasing number of estate agents with an opportunity to improve the level of customer service that they offer.

Social media is well regarded as being a tool that estate agents can use to their advantage but most people tend to focus on Twitter and Facebook. These are great platforms but an estate agent should find that Pinterest is also an excellent platform that provides them with opportunities to promote themselves and their business in a more effective and efficient manner.

Think about some of the obvious and immediate benefits of using Pinterest to boost your business:

• It is free to use
• It is a very visual platform
• It links well with other social media platforms and your site
• Pinterest content is shared very easily
• You can segment your content
• Keyword content is relevant leading to being found in targeted searches
These are all key factors in why Pinterest is a great channel for all bonuses, but it can be seen why estate agents should be looking to utilise Pinterest to promote their business and offerings.

Given the importance of allowing people to see the property, the visual nature of Pinterest is perfect. If you have a lot of great quality images of the property and surrounding area, make sure that you show it off to as many people as possible. Pinterest provides you with the option to display images in a stroking and notable manner, making it an ideal platform for estate agents who know that their property can sell itself given the chance!

While Pinterest is a great social media platform that integrates very well with Twitter and Facebook, it should be noted that the ability to segment content makes a massive difference in promoting your properties, allowing people to focus on the criteria that is best for their needs.

There is a strong focus on keyword content on Pinterest, which is ideal if you are looking to promote properties of a certain style, size or even in a specific location. Pinterest is a great platform for local content, which means that estate agents should be taking a great deal of interest in this social media platform.

Pinterest content has a longer life-span
One of the strongest benefits of Pinterest over Facebook or Twitter is that there is a longer lifespan for content. Twitter and Facebook provides excellent content but if you are not there to witness it at the time, it is likely you will miss out on it. With Pinterest content, there is a greater chance of your images and content being found at a later date.

Estate agents should be utilising social media platforms to promote their property and businesses, but they may find that the nature and set-up of Pinterest provides them with greater benefits than what it is on offer from the more commonly cited social media sites.

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Written By

Ian Watson


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