Estate Agent Marketing Planning: Organic and Paid For Social Activities

There are many reasons why social media is so important for your estate agency, and the benefits of organic posts for your marketing activities are crucial. As you can create a Facebook business page and post for free, it is understandable estate agents, and all businesses, want to utilise organic posts.

However, sites like Facebook are keen to limit your organic reach, to allow them to make money through advertisements. This is annoying, but if you’re an estate agent pulling together your marketing planning, you’ll find there are reasons to use both organic and paid for posts as part of your social activities.

Should I still use organic posts to promote my estate agency?
If you aren’t seeing much engagement on organic posts, it is perfectly acceptable to question whether you should spend time on these posts. Facebook may be free but the time you spend on these posts could be used elsewhere promotion your business. Therefore, there is a decision to be made, but there are still benefits of organic posts on Facebook, including:

• Organic posts still appear on timelines and reach some of your audience
• Organic posts help develop your brand and allow people to get to know you
• Organic posts assist with SEO, helping you rank higher on search engines
• If someone stumbles on your page, or links through, organic posts offer a great introduction to your company
• Organic posts are often shared, increasing awareness of your agency

These are all great outcomes, and good reasons to continue creating organic posts.

However, Facebook ads are highly effective and worth considering for your business. The strongest reason to use these ads comes with the targeting capabilities offered by Facebook. You can set ads that will only be shown to the people you want to see the adverts.

Whether your focus is a local one, you want to reach people of a certain age, of a particular gender, with certain hobbies, of a select income level or even if they have engaged with leading property firms, you can do so. You can also target people who have engaged with you before, or you can create an audience based on your current audience or an audience similar to a rival firm.

Facebook ads offer a return
The ability to target your exact audience makes Facebook ads worthwhile, because they offer value for money. Most agents are happy to spend money if it brings a good return on their investment. In the way you would encourage a client to undertake home improvements to add value or attract buyers to a property, running Facebook ads is an expense that provides a suitable return.

Of course, Facebook ads by themselves often fail to help you each your goals. It is one thing to reach your audience, but you must engage them too. If you don’t have anything interesting or relevant to say, you won’t connect with people, even if they are the people you wish to connect with.

When you create a marketing plan that combines organic and paid for content, you not only reach the right people, you engage them effectively. If you run a campaign over a number of weeks, you develop a relationship with your audience, and they’ll be far more likely to connect with you or like what you do.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have developed Facebook ads campaigns for estate agents. These ads combine organic and paid for posts, targeting your ideal audience, and engaging them with relevant and informative content.

If you want to reach your audience quickly and effectively, contact Agent Media, and we’ll be happy to help.

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