Estate Agent Newsletters: Still Valid In The Modern World

With so much focus on social media, online activities and digital marketing, it is easy to assume traditional marketing methods are outdated and no longer of value or benefit. A lot of companies, across many industries, have moved “all-in” with digital promotion, but if you are an estate agent, you know there are benefits of retaining traditional marketing activities.

The estate agency industry has changed considerably in recent times, and there has been a marked evolution of how agents engage their audience. Online property portals and social media are at the forefront of the industry, but in many ways, people appreciate traditional communication. Buying or selling a home isn’t like buying a can of juice or a pair of trousers. This is one of the biggest decisions a person makes, and this means people need more information.

If you’re an estate agent, you need to provide information that helps people make informed decisions, and which positions you as the agent to help them. One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is to create estate agent newsletters. These newsletters are still valid in the modern world, and they should form part of your marketing activities.

You must create the right sort of newsletter

However, it is important you create the right sort of newsletter. You must provide your audience with something that is of merit, and which fits the purpose you have for creating it.

Consider the following aspects when creating an estate agent newsletter:

• Provide information that people cannot get anywhere else
• Provide information and content that your audience wants to read
• Make sure your brand shines through in your content
• Get to the point
• Visual aids make newsletters come to life
• Consistency is crucial with newsletters

The good thing about a newsletter is once you create a style and format once, you can use it time and time again. Rather than becoming boring, the consistency of this approach helps to reinforce your brand and make sure people remember you, and what you have to offer.

Therefore, your company colours, branding and logo need to feature prominently across the newsletter. If you add charts or tables, and you should consider this as it is an easy yet effective way to share local property prices and values, make sure they are presented in the same style in each newsletter.

Also, if people share the newsletters, your branding ensures people know it came from you, even if they know nothing about you.

What content can I share in a newsletter?
If you are given a blank page and asked to fill it, you may struggle, as this can be an overwhelming request. There are so many things you can talk about as an estate agent, and this may leave you paralysed by options. However, creating content for a newsletter is no different to creating promotional or marketing content in any other way.

You should think about what your audience wants to hear, what information your audience needs to know, what you want to say about yourself, and what information will get people talking.

Examples of great topics for newsletter content include:

• Local house values and prices – and an examination of how they have changed over the years
• Local rental fees – and an examination of how they have changed over the years
• News about upcoming developments in the local area or properties coming to the market
• Industry news and regulations which affect your audience
• Company news, such as awards, new offices, changes to your service and insight to your team members
• Opinions about the current property market
• Tips aimed at your audience and what they want to achieve

If you provide something that is worth reading and which helps people feel more informed or ready to make a decision, you have achieved your goals with a newsletter.

You can justify the time spent or cost of creating a newsletter
As an estate agent, you know the importance of value. You preach it every day to clients, and it underpins your business. If you are going to create a newsletter, spending time and/or money, it must offer value. By developing your reputation and drawing traffic to your site or premises, you get the return on the money, so you don’t need to worry about that.

However, there are many ways you can spend your time or money, and it is not out of the question for you to wonder whether a newsletter is the best use of your resources. There is a compelling argument to include a newsletter in your marketing activities and that is because it provides you with content which can be used in many ways.

There are many platforms and media channels to reach people, and you want to utilise as many as possible, to help you reach as many people as possible. However, doing so creates the chance of spreading yourself too thinly. Which is why creating content for a newsletter, and then using this information across a range of platforms, allows you to be far more productive with your output.

Repurpose your newsletter to reach more people

Some of the ways you can use newsletter content in other formats include:

• Email content
• Blog content
• PDF content
• Social media post
• Social media advertising content
• Infographics
• Video content
• Podcast or audio content
• Physical newsletter which you send to people or distribute locally
• Place it in a local newspaper

The above list features 10 different ways you can use newsletter information to reach your audience, provide information, make a compelling argument for people to use your services, and to draw traffic to you.

If you are currently thinking you don’t have the time to create a newsletter or you are not sure if it is a cost-effective service, think about the range of content you create when you make a newsletter. In a time when value for money is essential, having the chance to utilise the same content in so many different ways is hugely appealing, and something estate agents should consider.

If you would like to learn more about how newsletters can benefit your business, or you need assistance in creating a newsletter, contact Agent Media, and we will be more than happy to help. Also, if you would like to incorporate a newsletter into a social media advertising campaign, we are perfectly placed to assist you, and we can take you from start to finish with this style of project.

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