Estate Agent Social Media In 2021 – What’s The Song And Dance?

If you have been paying attention to social media in 2021, and as an estate agent it is vital you do, you will know there has been a big song and dance about everything. This is because TikTok is on fire at the moment, and their success in driving interest and traffic has caught on in a big way.

You can see how Instagram and Facebook have made attempts to be more like TikTok, and people seem to be enjoying content in this manner. Of course, this sort of content doesn’t always work on a platform, as can be seen with Twitter announcing they will remove the Fleets element of their service.

However, as an estate agent, you are likely wondering if these TikTok style videos are good for your business? If you are outgoing and you love the song and dance routines, there is nothing wrong with you creating a video or two in this style in the hope that you go viral.

If you have the skills, and you get lucky, you might become the local estate agent that everyone knows, which can only be good for business.

More realistically though, estate agents should look for ways that allow them to capitalise on the new technology, and the demand for engaging video content, in a way that bolsters their marketing activities.

Video content lets you be you

One thing that is important to remember about TikTok, and all manner of video content, is that it is a fantastic opportunity to allow you to showcase yourself, and what you offer. If you aim to provide a friendly and welcome, perhaps even funny, service to your clients, this should come across in your video content.

If your image is one of professionalism, perhaps a social media platform based on younger adults and fun isn’t for you, but this doesn’t mean that video isn’t for you. Be yourself, showcase your strengths and try to connect with people online in the manner you would engage people offline.

Whatever your area of expertise is, be it local news, home improvement tips, understanding the market or anything else, you have a chance to connect with people through video content. A lot of estate agents worry about not having the time to create video content or feel they don’t want to speak for a great deal of time.

With the modern style of video content, you don’t need to. In many cases, short and to the point clips work best. You can combine them into a series to create longer content if you prefer, but there is nothing wrong with having one clip which makes on great point in less than 20 seconds.

What can you talk about?

Okay, you are probably warming to the idea of modern video clips to help you connect with your audience, but you might still have a mental block when it comes to knowing what to make. Consider these options:

  • A simple walkthrough video where you show people the inside of the property – people love looking at other peoples’ homes!
  • A behind the scenes video clip of your work as an estate agent – people love seeing how other people do their job and the sort of thing they don’t normally see in a business
  • A property market update with news about house prices, interest rates, mortgage options, demand for homes or anything which will influence the decision someone makes in the housing market – property moves are amongst the biggest decisions people make in their life, and they want to be well-informed
  • Showcase your team – people love to get to know the people in your business, this will create a connection that helps you win instructions
  • Provide tips on selling, buying or letting – give people value that helps them make changes in life

Filters and trickery makes for great content

One of the most engaging forms of social media content of late is video content which offers a quick switch between one thing and another. It has never been easy to make videos which look as though they’ve been heavily edited.

Great examples of this include people switching clothes from one frame to the next or jumping between different rooms and places. As an estate agent, you can take advantage of this technology, with some examples being seen below:

If you want to showcase yourself as a consummate professional, record yourself at home in your casual wear and then flip to yourself in your uniform or at work

If you specialise in staging homes before selling them, start a video clip with footage of the home pre-sale and then flip to the same room after you have staged it, showing the impact you have on property

Start the video clip with a couple touring around a property and then flip to them receiving the keys or signing off on the purchase

You can also add filters to video content, making it more engaging or allowing you to highlight certain features.

Video tours are more important than ever for prospective buyers and social media video is a brilliant way to give people what they want to see. Whether you create short clips, go live in social media feeds or organise property viewings at a set time, you have a brilliant chance to showcase homes in an appropriate manner.

New video content is right for you and your audience

So, while the rise of TikTok is based on miming, music and dancing, this isn’t the only way people are capitalising on it to connect with other people. As an estate agent, you must be aware of the importance of video, and how your prospective clients consume video.

Video is becoming increasingly important, and we can help you learn what works, and how best to reach your audience.

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to have video content that grabs attention, and which shows your clients you have their best interests at heart. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to become the local estate agent people rely on, and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.