Estate Agents: 20 Ways To Use Video Marketing

You hopefully don’t need us to tell you about the importance of video marketing. It has never been easier or more affordable to make videos which promote your estate agency. Also, your audience is consuming video every single day, and they want more.

Therefore, you need to give your audience what it wants, and we have 20 ways estate agents can use video marketing.

If all you are looking for is the list, so it can spark ideas in you, it will follow shortly, but if you want more advice on how to make the most of these video opportunities, stick around for the full list:

1. Introduction or “About Us” video
2. Property listing video
3. Property listing teaser video
4. Virtual or remote tour of the property
5. Remote tour of your offices
6. Video tour of the local area
7. Facebook live and live-streaming
8. Social media stories
9. Interviews with local business owners
10. Interviews with previous clients
11. Reviews of local stores/restaurants/service providers
12. Drone video footage
13. Video reviews and testimonials from clients
14. Interviews with employees
15. Behind The Scenes (BTS) footage of your organisation
16. A Day In Your Life Content
17. Market updates
18. Information regarding property market regulations
19. Tips on how to buy or sell a home
20. Videos showcasing your lighter side

Okay, are you still here? Good, because there are many great ways estate agents can use video marketing, and we want to make sure you know the best way to bring your ideas to life and share them online, around the office or even on TV!

Introduction or “About Us” video
As an agent, you want to show your personal side, and give people a chance to get to know you, and the rest of the team at your estate agency. An introduction or “about us” video is the ideal way to chat briefly about yourself, what is important to you, and how you can help your client take the next step in the property market.

This is a chance to instil confidence in what you do and put people at ease with you, which is vital if you want people to rely on your services.

Property listing video
One of the most important video options for estate agents these days is a property listing video. A listing video takes the importance of images one step further. Video content is more engaging, people are happy to watch, and you can provide more information in the video clip.

You’ll find good quality property listing video clips are shared by your audience, so they are highly effective at developing brand awareness and building an audience.

Property listing teaser video
Teaser or trailer videos work for virtually every industry, and the property market is no different. If you have a property which you will be listing soon, you want to generate as much hype and excitement in advance of the launch.

If clients know there is going to be interest as soon as the market is listed, they will be more likely to use your services.

You know how the movie industry utilises trailers, and a property listing teaser video is no different. Create a short video clip which provides a sense of why this is a great property, provide information as to when the property will be listed, and then get out as quickly as you got in.

Virtual or remote tour of the property
Virtual and remote tours are fantastic for allowing people to see what a property has to offer. With people searching homes wherever they are connected to the internet, you don’t just have to reach out to people local to you.

A virtual tour is better than images because it allows prospective buyers to see the flow of the property, and people have a greater understanding of the space on offer. This may put some people off, but these are the people who would have lost interest in the property anyway. After an individual has taken a virtual tour of the property, if they are still interested, there is a very good chance they will arrange a viewing and perhaps even make an offer.

Remote tour of your offices
Your clients want to know you, and they want to know what to expect when they come and see you. People have expectations of an estate agent, and the condition or location of your business premises matter to many people. By offering a remote tour of your offices, you allow your audience to get to know you before they see you, which is always a good thing if you have pleasant surroundings.

Video tour of the local area
Even though people buy a house, a home is about the local area and sense of community as much as it is the bricks and mortar. Therefore, draw people to a property by showing them what the local area has to offer.

It is helpful for estate agents to develop their local credentials, and creating a video tour of the local area places you at the heart of the area you represent. This will help your branding and raise awareness of your local activities.

Facebook live and live-streaming
For the Facebook algorithm, live content is vital. If you want as many people to see you, go live, because Facebook is pushing this content. You will therefore have an audience and you can promote yourself, the local area, property listings and any other aspect of your business.

With live streaming, you can encourage engagement, and you have an opportunity to answer questions your social media followers put to you. Answering questions live showcases your credentials, while helping people out. Also, when the live stream has finished, you can use the video content in different ways, which is great. You should always think about ways you can repurpose content, and live streaming can be used in many ways.

Social media stories
Social media stories are popular, and allow you to engage your audience quickly. You don’t need any high-tech equipment for this style of video, your smartphone will be more than enough. Create videos of you in and around the office, showcasing a property, preparing a property, spending time in the local area, or relaxing.

If you want to develop your reputation as a local agent, create and share video stories where you are present in the local area, and you’ll find people will pay more attention to you.

Interviews with local business owners
To showcase your local credentials, speak with local business owners and get their thoughts of the area and community. With this style of video, you benefit from localised content, but it is also content which the business owner is likely to share with their audience.

Therefore, this increases brand awareness, and helps you reach a lot more potential customers.

Interviews with previous clients
People love stories, and if you get previous clients to share their stories on camera, you have great content to share with your audience. Potential new clients will connect with the people you have previously helped, and they will hopefully see parallels between the way you helped your previous client, and the help they need from an estate agent.

Also, the previous client is likely to share the video content on their social platforms, so you will benefit from reaching new people, and in a manner that seems like a personal endorsement.

Reviews of local stores/restaurants/service providers
If you want to show you know the local area, prove you shop, eat and drink in the same places residents do. Creating video reviews and tours of leisure and entertainment places helps potential buyers learn about the area, and the presence of these outlets may encourage them to buy a home in the area.

Drone video footage
Drone video footage is very popular right now, both as the intro in a property listing video, and in general videos showcasing the local area. This style of video clip allows people to see the local area in one easy move, and this sort of video still takes people’s breath away.

Video reviews and testimonials from clients
Social media proof is essential in the current climate. If you share a review, it will help your business, but some people will likely have concerns about the validity of the review. However, if you film a customer sharing a review or testimonial, it is far more believable, which means other people will be far more likely to take the comments on board.

Interviews with employees
Let your audience get to know your staff members by interviewing them. It is important for companies to offer a personal side to their business, and this style of video interview helps to create a connection which can develop a strong client and business relationship.

Behind The Scenes (BTS) footage of your organisation
Behind The Scenes footage is tantalising, because it is a side of your business which people rarely see. Allowing your audience to see what you get up to when they are not there or in meetings is always going to be of interest to people.

This style of footage often shows a more personal side to your business, which is brilliant for connecting with your audience.

A Day In Your Life Content
Video clips which take people through your average day are always popular, because people like to know about other people. You have a chance to showcase the effort that goes into your daily routine, and what you do for clients.

Many estate agents are extremely busy at all times of the day and night, even though the client facing time is often limited. Filming your daily activities will provide clients with confidence you are always working on their behalf.

Market updates
The property market changes quickly, and it is vital you keep people fully informed with local house prices, supply, demand and any other relevant factor in your local area. As the local expert, you have an audience looking for news and information from you, and providing a video breakdown of the market is a smart and effective way to reach your audience.

A lot of people find numbers and statistics to be dull and boring, but when you offer a short video clip of this news, people will take notice. They will also hopefully share the content, which will boost awareness of what you do.

Information regarding property market regulations
Many people look to you as an expert in your industry, and they want to keep up to date with market news and regulations. Creating regular video clips aimed at keeping people fully informed of the latest news is a great service, and you’ll position yourself as a trusted source in your sector or local area.

Tips on how to buy or sell a home
How to guides are always great value videos, and as an estate agent, you are in a position of trust and authority.

Share your knowledge and expertise about buying or selling a home. This is the sort of content that is shared by people, so you can reach a whole new audience by offering actionable advice and guidance. Make sure you place your logo and branding on the video.

Videos showcasing your lighter side
While you should use videos to showcase your services, and the local area, make sure you add a personal touch to your video clips. Showing the lighter side of your business or moments where you and your team let their hair down help people connect with you.

These are the videos more likely to go viral, which is great for awareness, but don’t try to force humour. Just be yourself, and if there are times when you have fun, make sure you capture it on video.

Agent Media knows how important video is for modern businesses, and estate agents need to capitalise on video. Hopefully these video ideas have given you a push in the right direction, but if you need further assistance, we are here to help. Contact Agent Media to make sure you deliver video content which wins you instructions.

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