Estate Agents Can Achieve Twitter Success

estate agents can achieve twitter success

Most businesses understand that utilising social media effectively is crucial, and it is important to be aware that there is more to social media than just Facebook. Twitter may seem limited with character limits but businesses, including estate agents, have a genuine opportunity to reach an audience and develop good quality SEO through the use of Twitter.

Using twitter in the correct manner can significantly improve the traffic heading to your site, and improving the level of engagement you can have with your audience. If you are looking only at making sales, you may find that Twitter doesn’t provide a strong return, at least not in the short term. The use of Twitter for estate agents focuses on developing a relationship and building up what you provide to clients.

In the long term, social media can be of considerable benefit to an estate agent and here are some best practices for estate agents using Twitter.

• Create a plan for your messages
• A mix of 80% newsworthy content and 20% sales is a good mix
• Be sure to direct traffic back and towards your other sites, online pages
• Use a great quality image or logo
• Provide a thorough description
• Be sure to find great sources of news content that is relevant to you and your audience – then be sure to share this content
• Use your shop window as your twitter background – reinforce that everything you do is connected
• Place your twitter address and logo on all of your communication and material
• Ask employees, friends and family members to follow you on twitter and encourage them to spread the word
• Email your lists and database clients that you now have a Twitter account. Ask them to follow you
• Inform all clients of your account and ask them to follow you
• Create Twitter lists of people you engage with and for subjects that are important to you
• Follow and engage with all of your suppliers on twitter – recommend them
• Follow and engage with local organisations and firms
• Thank and engage new followers
• Always re-read tweets before sending
• Find the most relevant property tweeters – in the industry and your area – and follow them
• Be sure to use relevant hashtags
• Follow and engage with firms working in the building industry
• Provide relevant material
• Be sure to promote any offers or competitions you are running
• Remain in touch with trending topics and if they are relevant to you, get involved in the conversation
• Have a conversation with new followers and ask what they are looking for
• Retweet around 3 to 4 times a day. Be sure to retweet relevant content and limit your number of retweets so as not to annoy or bore people.
• Tweet about unique or interesting properties you have
• Choose a property of the week and then tweet it
• Tweet information about house prices in the local area
• Provide DIY tips and guidance
• Provide feedback and testimonials from clients
• Show off your employees and individual offices
• Showcase life in local areas in a positive manner
• Show humorous, yet relevant and professional images and videos
• Ask questions of your followers and ask for guidance or help if you are looking to try new things
• Do not tweet about negative issues – fall throughs’, issues with vendors
• Do not tweet every property you have
• Listen to what the market wants – create lists and searches for relevant terms and then examine the list to see if you can help
When it comes to using twitter successfully, remember to:
• Listen
• Add Value
• Engage your Audience &
• Interact with your Audience

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Written By

Ian Watson


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