Estate Agents: Importance of working with your local community

If you are an estate agent, you should be prepared for the fact that most of your customers don’t choose you because of your fantastic smile, your winning personality or the fantastic jokes you tell. These are aspects that help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace but to be in the running to win clients, you need to have a stock of property to offer and you need to be considered as a suitable local estate agent. These two aspects often go together, which provides you with focus in developing your estate agency business.

Fees and prices will play a factor too but the importance of a local presence and working with your local community can never be overstated. You want to be viewed as the estate agent that understands the local market, that stays in touch with latest developments and the professional who knows what has just happened or what has happened next.

Rewarding clients who recommend your services makes sense
Your presence in the local community is crucial and therefore, you should take additional steps to engage your audience and be an agent that cares and support the community One effective way of reaching out to an audience is to reward people that refer your services to other people. Word-of-mouth promotion is essential for estate agents and if people have enjoyed or benefited from your services, you will find that they are more than happy to talk about the work you do or put people in touch with you.

Estate agents can speed up this process by offering rewards or bonuses to clients who bring additional customers to them. Gift vouchers for local stores or restaurants are a very popular form of reward for this style of engagement, and it will further enhance your reputation in the local community.

Of course, you don’t only have to partner with local stores, bars or restaurants, there are many ways your estate agency can play an active role in your community, with examples being:
• Sponsoring a local sports team
• Promoting a local community group
• Backing a local charity
• Shining a spotlight on independent stores

It may be that you create a scheme where you give your clients a chance to fund or back one of these groups. In lieu of some of the commission due to your estate agency after a sale or instruction, you could give your client a range of local options to select from and the chosen option will receive backing.

You can see how this strategy could assist local schools. In the property market, the availability and quality of local schools plays a big part in demand for homes and price of property. This means your business should be aware of local schools and understand what they have to offer. However, wouldn’t it be best for you to engage and support these local schools?

If you utilised a strategy that saw you offer commission to a local school every time a parent used one of your services, you would find that people would be more likely to choose your estate agency. In the grand scheme of things, people may not care too much about the difference between one estate agency and another, but they will care if one estate agency promises to support their children’s school.

For a minimal outlay and additional work, people in your community will develop positive feelings towards your firm and they will be more likely to use your services. If the school was able to recommend local firms, you’ll find that the promise of support and funding would see your firm be the number one choice when it comes to recommendations, and this could see your estate agency placed in front of a much wider audience.

Be active in your local community
As an estate agent, having high quality stock and a local following is essential. Therefore, you need to become an active part of the local community and this means moving beyond traditional promotion and selling/letting. All your content should aim to offer value and be of interest to your audience. You may not think that writing about local history or supporting a local charity of fun-day will provide you with sales but in the longer-term, an estate agent that is instantly associated with a community.

All these aspects have a role to play in your social media activity. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the ideal places to share local content, ask questions of your audience and generally promote what you do, see and like about the local area. By helping and rewarding people in your community, you will be viewed as the estate agent that can be relied upon, helping you to generate leads and sales in the future.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK