Why Estate Agents should have a live chat service on their website

Most estate agents understand the importance of having an online presence but you need to make sure that you are utilising the online opportunities in the most effective way. There have been a number of recent innovations that help estate agents provide a better standard of service to customers, and live chat is something that the majority of companies will benefit from.

Having a website is a great way to have a permanent presence where your clients or potential customers can find out about what you offer but it only provides them with information which you have already provided. It is likely that most people will have questions they want to ask you. With a live chat service, you can answer these questions. This provides you with a huge advantage over estate agents who don’t provide a live chat service.

It provides a better standard of service, in real-time, to your customers

All companies should be looking to provide a high standard of customer service but in a competitive marketplace, like the property market, you need to offer more. Your live chat service allows people to ask you questions and you can answer immediately. Reputable live chat services have professionals engaging in conversation and providing a genuine response to questions, and this makes a massive difference in how a customer feels about your service.

If you’re looking to develop your business through word of mouth promotion and positive testimonials, you need to provide a high standard of service at all times. Live chat services allow you to offer a service that will be spoken of highly.

Live chat is a cost efficient service

While your estate agents would love to offer great services and the very best in standards at all times, there has to be a focus on cost. You need to think of your budget and getting good value for money in the work that you do. Live chat is a very cost effective and efficient service, and it provides fantastic returns on your expenditure. When you need to squeeze value from every expenditure, live chat is a smart option.

Live chat helps you stand out against your peers and rivals

With so many estate agents to choose from, it can be difficult for consumers to differentiate between rival companies. In order to be the estate agent that people rely on, you need to be better and you need to offer improved services. If you are recognised as the estate agent that can answer online questions straight away, you’ll be seen as the estate agent that people can trust and rely on.

Live chat can help you create strong relationships with customers

Given the sums of money involved with the property market and the importance of these transactions, most people only want to work with professionals they can trust or rely on. Providing a live chat service allows you to engage with your audience, and this helps you develop a strong relationship. This is something that people want to have when making property transactions, and this is why people will choose your business if you offer live chat services.

Transcript data provides greater customer insight which allows you to offer better service

All businesses should be looking for insight about their audience and their customers. The information contained in live chat transcripts will provide you excellent insight and data that can be utilised to provide a much improved service for your company. This in return will see your estate agency being the respected option in the future because you are providing your clients with what they want and need.

Bottom line – live chat services increase conversions

Estate agents, like most professionals, are looking for the bottom line. There are many reasons why you should utilise live chat services but the bottom line is that live chat services increase conversions. If you want to turn your website visitors into clients, engage your audience in the best manner and make sure people feel confident about choosing you;. Live chat services play a massive role in convincing clients that your estate agent business is the best option for their needs.

If you are looking for quick bullet points on why your estate agents business should provide a live chat service on your website, here are some key benefits:

• You can lower your expenses in providing customer service
• You will be more proactive in reaching out to your audience
• You provide a better standard of service to customers
• There is an increased likelihood of developing loyalty in customers and forging relationships
• Information gleaned in live chat transcripts can drive your business forward

The property market is hugely competitive and estate agents need to do everything they can to provide the best standard of service and be seen as the best option in a crowded market place. Utilising live chat services allow you to provide a better service, at a lower cost and can create the platform for continued relationships with clients. With these benefits in mind, it is vital that estate agents consider using live chat services on their website.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK