Estate Agents Must Not Make this Twitter Mistake

Estate Agents Must Not Make this Twitter Mistake

Using social media sites like Twitter has helped many estate agents to promote their business and make as many people know about the properties that they have to offer. There is a lot to be said for having a presence on social media and the vast majority of business experts will speak of the importance of being found on these social media platforms.

It is a great way to reach out to more people and to promote your properties in a more relaxed and causal manner. However, it is important to remember that Twitter is a different medium than what many firms are used to, and there is one common mistake that many estate agents make on Twitter.

The mistake is only tweeting about the properties that they have on sale or for let.
You may think that this is the whole point of being on Twitter, promoting your properties but you will find that this is not an effective way to use the medium. Twitter, as the name of social media suggests, is a place where people socialise with their friends and hang out.

It is a place to find out news, hear about local events and generally have some fun. Businesses can and should promote their products or services on this platform, but it should be a small part of what they do. Only tweeting about properties you have for let or sale is a big mistake and you will find that engaging in this manner will prevent you from achieving great success when it comes to utilising Twitter.

Twitter is an ideal platform to showcase your strength, skills and expertise
In many ways, the real benefit of Twitter comes not from being able to promote your products or services; it comes from being able to promote yourself.

Twitter is an ideal platform to develop a brand, helping customers to see that you are a fun yet reliable firm who can effectively work on your behalf. Twitter is an excellent way to show that you are an expert in your field, which will provide a level of confidence in your firm for all users.

When it comes to using Twitter effectively, you should:

• Tweet about the local area
• Provide insight into your company
• Ask questions
• Listen to your followers and respond
• Talk about legislative issues
• Have opinions about topical news stories or local interest activities (but don’t be controversial)
• Think about your image and tweet along these lines

These are all important activities for you to undertake on Twitter and if you undertake all of these elements, the odd promotional tweet about a property will be perfectly acceptable. However, if the only thing you tweet about are properties you offer, you will find that people stop following you.

It is always good to remember that people aren’t going to buy a home on the basis of a tweet, but they may decide that you are a firm worth working with based on your Twitter image and identity.

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