Estate Agents: Print v Social Media

There have been many changes in the property market in recent years and the digital world has transformed the market. Most prospective buyers start their search online and the emergence of online agents has changed the way some people perceive the market. However, there are still many traditional aspects associated with the property market, and estate agents who use traditional methods still have a lot to offer.

The choice between traditional and contemporary arises for estate agents when it comes to marketing and promotion. Print advertising and listings have long been associated with the property market and it is easy to see why estate agents still consider this method. After all, if you have achieved success with a method over several years, you don’t want to abandon it for another method without having clear proof of why you should switch to the new method.

Print campaigns are waning in value for many estate agents
However, some agents are finding that print adverts and campaigns are not as successful as they used to be. The way estate agents engage with their audience is changing and the way people want to find information or carry out research into a property move is evolving, and for a growing number of estate agents, print campaigns are no longer the best way to reach an audience.

A major issue with print media is that you are reliant on the viewer moving from print medium to a device that allows them to access the internet. You may say that this isn’t a huge problem and that someone reading a newspaper or magazine will likely have their phone nearby, but this still requires an additional step or action.

When it comes to getting people to take action, having as few steps as possible is best. With print media adverts or content for an estate agent, people must type in a web address, a user name or carry out a search. Even if the person decides to do this step, they could type the name in wrong or they could come across other estate agents instead. With social media, people can click on the link that is provides, taking them directly to where you want them to go.

Social media allows for direct action, which is of great benefit
The direct nature of social media in taking people to where you want them to be is the most important reason why social media activity is better for estate agents than traditional print activity.

Other key reasons why social media is likely to appeal to estate agents include:

  • Social media advertising is usually cheaper
  • With targeting, social media advertising can be more cost effective
  • Social media advertising can be updated, added, switched or removed instantly

These are all fantastic reasons to consider social media activity. Knowing that you can spend less and get a more impressive return will appeal to agents looking for a strong bottom line. For other users, the ability to start, stop or alter campaigns in an instant will appeal. If you have just sold or let a property and you would rather not deal with prospective clients contacting you only to be disappointed, an ad or post can be removed. However, if the post has been faring well in attracting people to your site, you may wish to continue running it with a minor alteration.

It would be wrong to say that social media has an advantage in every aspect and there are some ways where some firms will benefit from using print media to promote their estate agent, including:

  • Not everyone uses social media, so traditional advertising can help reach some clients
  • Some users will place more weight on a print advert or editorial than a social media post

However, the benefits associated with social media outstrip the print benefits, and therefore, estate agents should be looking to focus on social media activity.

At Agent Media, we believe that social media campaigns offer tremendous opportunity for estate agents. If you would like to learn how social media can help your estate agency flourish, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK