Estate Agents are you using Facebook pixels?

Talk about how to add Facebook pixels to every page an estate agent has on their website and then using pixels to do Facebook advertising for estate agents (retargeting: website visitors to Facebook, and marketing to those website visitors)


When it comes to marketing in the most effective way, Facebook Advertising is an option that many estate agents should consider. Facebook Advertising is seen as an affordable option that delivers results, making it an obvious choice for many companies. There are many reasons why Facebook Advertising helps estate agents achieve success but for many people, use of the Facebook Pixel is important in making the most out of the advertising opportunities provided by Facebook.


What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is an element of code that is entered onto the backend of your estate agency website and this allows you to track guests and visitors to your website. The role of the pixel is to enable you to run advertising campaigns that are highly targeted, which means it is important to have it installed before you run a Facebook Advertising campaign.


With each ad account, you will receive a default pixel to use and the pixel is constructed of two separate parts:

  • The base code for the pixel
  • The event code


The pixel base code will track all of the traffic that lands on your site while the event code enables users to examine user actions on the selected pages. An example for an estate would be using an event code on the search results page of your website and this allows you to track when someone places a certain term into the search option, say a town name or “let”.


Creating and installing Facebook Pixel

When you are in Facebook Ads Manager, click the top menu button and then select Pixels, which will be in the assets column. From here, you will be able to “Create a Pixel”, you should give it a name (which makes sense for its purpose and which you will remember, and then you can click on Next.


After this, you will install the pixel code and if you are confident about accessing the backend of your website, all you have to do is copy and paste the pixel code. This task can always be outsourced if required. You will normally paste this information into the header tags of the website, beneath any SEO settings that you have on site. A similar process is followed for the installation of the event code, although this should only be placed on the specific and relevant page.


Once the pixel has been installed, you should test the status of the pixel. This can be achieved on the Ads Manager page and you should select Pixels. If the status says “Active”, the pixel has been installed correctly.


Why use Facebook Pixel?

With Facebook Pixel, you will know more about the people who engage with your site and business, which is of benefit in what you do next to appeal to people. You will also find that Facebook Pixel helps you to more effectively use Facebook Advertising and this is particularly true if you are re-targeting.


Re-targeting is a marketing activity that has become very popular in recent times. This allows you to place adverts in front of people who have already shown an interest in what your estate agency has to offer but for whatever reason, never took action on site. This is more effective than taking a cold-calling approach and can be highly effective in making sales or gathering lead information from potential clients.


A basic but highly effective way of using Pixel codes with re-targeting is to target people who:

  • Landed on a particular page of your website
  • Didn’t take action or opt in


You can also specifically state to exclude people who did take action or opt in, which means you will not waste time or money in engaging with people who have already engaged with your company. This allows you to be very specific in your approach and content.


Some of the key reasons why estate agents are using the Facebook Pixel include:

  • Generate Leads
  • Track the results from a particular campaign
  • Create custom audiences


You will hopefully see that the Facebook Pixel is a very effective and powerful too which helps you to engage with your audience. Even if you are not considering using Facebook Advertising in the near future, installing the code on your website will allow you to understand your audience better and provide you with a platform to best reach your audience in the future.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK