Estate Agents: What is my ROI from Social Media

Most estate agents know that social media is important to their business. There is a tremendous opportunity to connect with your audience, showcase your work, position yourself in the local market and be considered as the best option. However, in justifying time, money and effort on social media, the disconnection between engagement on the platform and sales makes it difficult for many estate agents to justify the use of social media, or at least argue why it should be at the forefront of their promotional activities.

The first step is to consider the goals you have in place when using social media. Some of the most common goals estate agents have with social media include:
• To gain new followers on their social media accounts
• Click-through rate on social media posts
• Sign-ups for email newsletters or flyers
• Time spent on website
• Appointments made
• Win more instructions for sale and let

When it comes to positioning a financial value on our efforts, it may be that you only see a return when clients market their homes with your agency. Therefore, it isn’t always appropriate to place a monetary figure on the return you gain from social media. Ultimately, you should be looking to achieve more sales or sign-up new clients through your social media work but if you see that you are making progress in areas that eventually lead to people working with you, social media is of benefit.

Social media is an integral part of reaching your audience these days, and in ensuring you are the option that people need to trust. However, it needs to be managed correctly, and therefore, many estate agents turn to specialists in this field for support. If you want to improve the ROI from social media, while clarifying exactly what sort of return you will benefit from, contact Agent Media. We provide specialist social media services for estate agents and we look forward to assisting your business grow and develop.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK