How Every Touch Point Should Link Back To Your Social Presence

How Every Touch Point Should Link Back To Your Social Presence

Making the most of a touch point is essential for businesses and no matter where your touch point, you should be looking to maintain the customer or maintain a bigger or more controlled dialogue with them. If a potential customer has a contact point with you and then moves away without creating a connection, you may potentially lose that customer for good.

However, if you manage to create a link with that customer, ensuring that you can reach out to them or communicate with them again at a later date, your chances of making a sale greatly increase.

One of the most effective ways to retain a customer and give yourself another chance of communicating and engaging with them is to provide them with a link to your social presence. If every touch point that you have with a customer provides them with an easy link or connection to your social media presence, you are increasing the likelihood of retaining them or sticking in their mind.

A person will have countless touch points with a huge number of firms every single day, and it is unlikely that they will be able to remember them all.

Make a connection at every point :
This is why providing your customers and a potential customer with an opportunity to remain in touch with you is crucial in developing relationships and sticking in people’s minds. Even though social media promotion and activities are a very modern phenomenon, directing people towards your sites or pages should be utilised in everything you do, even in traditional marketing.

If you run a billboard campaign or place an advert in the printed press, there is a need to provide a contact point or link to a Facebook page, a Twitter account or whatever social media presence you have. While the advertisement is serving its own purpose, as a touch point with a customer, it gives you another chance to follow up at a later date, and it is important that businesses utilise every opportunity that is afforded to them.

There is virtually no limit on what can be classed as a touch point these days and these are all examples of where you should be placing links to your social presence:

• Business cards
• Email correspondence
• Flyers and promotional material
• Branded windows at your property
• Promotional events
• Employee uniforms
• Work vehicles

Ensuring that your social media pages are promoted at these touch points will give you a greater chance of developing a relationship with your customer base. The estate agent industry is one that develops over time, and it not as if customers make an instant buying decision that they would do with many products. This is why ensuring your firm always has a platform to engage at a later date is crucial for any estate agent.

Wherever there is an opportunity for your business to reach out to a customer or have a point of contact with them, there is an opportunity for you to engage with them further or to initiate a connection that allows you to sell, promote and converse at a later date.

There is a huge importance on social media presence these days, and it is crucial for all firms to utilise and promote their online presence as much as they can, which is why pointing towards your social media pages is a top priority for all firms.

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