Explain Your Mortgage Offers Quickly & Effectively With Social Posts

Some industries and businesses feel right at home on social, and some don’t. If you have an exciting product, and it can be used in a bright and breezy manner, social media posts almost write themselves.

This isn’t quite the case in the mortgage sector. Mortgages are important, and people should review and research their options carefully. As a mortgage lender, you need to offer guidance and information to your audience.

However, you don’t need to do this in a dull or lifeless manner. You can deliver content in an engaging and colourful way which grabs attention for all the right reasons.

If you want to explain your mortgage offers quickly and effectively with social posts, we are here to assist you.

Rates are the headline grabbing aspect that matter

As a mortgage company, you offer a wide range of products and services to prospective home buyers. However, when it comes to grabbing attention, few things are as effective in your industry as mortgage rates.

Rates affect the overall cost of a mortgage, and are a quick way for people to compare what is on offer. Therefore, posts which share mortgage rates should be a regular feature of your social media content.

However, there are different ways to present this information, and you want to have the biggest impact.

There is no sense in just writing this information, not when you can showcase it in an image, in a video post or an infographic.

If mortgage rates are worth talking about, they are worth creating visual content about, and this will differentiate you from rival mortgage lenders.

The right images position people as your customers

With a great image showing happy or relieved customers, you send a signal that you are the mortgage company which helps people achieve their aims and ambitions.

It is often difficult to put this outcome into words in an effective manner, but by sharing images of happy couples or a celebrating individual, alongside your logo and branding, you let people know you are the mortgage company who delivers results.

Offers lists and guidance

Arranging a mortgage is a challenging task, and people are looking for clear and simple advice. Infographics work very well on social media, and mortgage companies have a wide range of topics they can bring to life with infographics, video content and even guides.

A step-by-step guide on the documents people need before applying for a mortgage is useful. It saves time, and it helps people to feel more confident about the steps they are taking.

As an added bonus, if you ensure customers are more informed when they apply for a mortgage, your work becomes simpler. You will spend less time explaining matters, because your audience base is already informed and ready to apply successfully.

If you want to offer more in-depth information, create a guide in PDF format and use it as a lead magnet. Offer this advice in exchange for an email address or contact details, and this ensures you can follow up with prospective clients at a later date.

Targeted ads on social media are highly effective

While you are looking for ways to reach potential customers organically on social media, you should familiarise yourself with targeted adverts. You can connect with the people you want to connect with at a lower cost.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we are social media advertising specialists. From helping you create your target audience to placing an ad that gets results, we can help.

It is important to develop organic content, as this ensures prospective customers have the chance to learn about you, and why you are the ideal mortgage company for them. However, when it comes to reaching your audience directly, Facebook ads are a smart weapon for businesses like yours.

If you are a mortgage company looking to sell mortgages in an effective manner, you need to be active on social media. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted mortgage companies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how visual content helps you connect with your audience and ultimately, sell mortgages in a challenging time, contact us today.