How Facebook Advertising Can Generate More Landlords To Your Letting Agency

Facebook advertising is becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising for any business, including letting agents.

The reasons why so many companies are turning towards Facebook advertising include:

• Being able to pinpoint the audience you are looking to reach
• Being able to create adverts quickly and simply
• Being able to set daily or project limits on your expenditure
• Facebook advertising provides a better return than Google Adwords
• Facebook advertising can be altered or stopped almost immediately
• Facebook provides reliable analytical tools to be used on their advertising campaigns

The real benefit of Facebook advertising comes with the ability to target people, which means that your adverts will only be seen people who you consider to be relevant. This raises effectiveness and it helps provide better value for money.

Choose the right people you need to follow
The most pertinent demographic for a letting agency when reaching out to a landlord is location. Of course, it may be that landlords are looking to invest out of their local area but even if that is the case, there are other options to select that will help you find the right candidate. When it comes to targeting people, Facebook provides a considerable range of hobbies and interests to select.

The fact that Facebook adverts allow for great flexibility and optimisation is great but some people will be concerned about how easy it is to create a relevant advert. This isn’t an issue. If you can use Facebook, you’ll find Facebook adverts to be intuitive but there is also a lot of information presented to you by Facebook, so you’ll be able to create an effective advert in a short period of time.

Stay in control of your expenditure
The next reason why Facebook advertising is such a good choice for letting agents looking to reach landlords comes down to cost. Studies indicate that Facebook advertising is more affordable than google Adwords or any other leading online advertising campaign. There is also a really simple way to cap your spending so if you are concerned about how much money you’ll spend on a campaign, Facebook advertising is the sensible approach to take.

Being able to change adverts quickly is another important tool in reaching out to landlords. The analytical tools offered by Facebook allow you to see what is working and what is isn’t, by being able to change adverts slightly will help you appeal to more people. The ability to test different adverts quickly and for not much money means you can be more confident about your ability to find the right people to develop your business.

The number of global users who use Facebook on a daily basis are rolled out on a regular basis to suggest why your business should be on it but it is the ability to target local and/or relevant people that is the strongest reason why letting agents should utilise Facebook adverts to reach landlords.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK