Facebook Advertising Works So Well Because It Can Be Targeted


If you have used Facebook for even a brief period of time, you will know that advertising is now fairly prominent on the site. It is reported that advertising is the biggest source of income for the social media platform and with billions being spent every year, it is clear that Facebook advertising is here to stay. While the rising figures for overall Facebook advertising suggests that many new firms are entering the market, there is also a lot to be said for the fact that firms are continuing to advertise on Facebook because it brings success.

There are so many marketing channels available to firms these days that it would be nigh on impossible, so it is important to know which ones work and to then use these channels. Working out the best way to use your limited marketing budget is a major task, and it makes sense to choose solutions that offer the chance to target the people you reach. When it comes to receiving the best return for your money, spending money in an attempt to reach out to a market that you know is relevant to your business or is more likely to be interested in what you offer is a very sensible decision.

Facebook advertising provides an opportunity to target the people you reach, which means that this is one of the most effective marketing channels you can hope to find. It also means that there is a chance to compete with all of the other firms using Facebook. While major firms have an impressive budget, you can compete effectively by targeting the right customers and by offering a relevant advertising campaign.

You have options when it comes to creating your style of advert, with the options including:

• A sponsored story
• A more traditional style of advert
There is the opportunity to decide where you will place your advertisement, with the options including:
• A landing page (considered to be an effective option)
• The Facebook wall page for your firm
• On an information page
• On an friend’s activity page
• On a photo page
• On a notes page
• On a links page
• On a questions page

It is possible to choose the title of your advertising campaign, and this is an area where spit testing is often of tremendous benefit. You should look to carry out a number of campaigns and then judge their relative merits or success. It is also possible to create the description or add relevant images to your advertising campaign to grab attention.

You can set the people you want to reach

If you are looking to reach an audience in a certain area, of a certain age group (or even an exact age), an audience of a particular gender or an audience with a certain interest, you are able to do so. All of these elements are easily selectable and controllable, while the use of “keywords” in the targeting process will allow you to home in on the audience you are looking to reach out to.

It is even possible to target the connections that are available from your advertising campaign. Whether you want to reach out to everyone or you want to reach out to people who are already not fans of your page, you can do so. There is even an opportunity to display adverts to people who are friend with existing fans of your page, which adds a stronger level of connection and recommendation for your business.

With the ability to set your budget limits as well, Facebook advertising sees you remain in control at all times.

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Written By

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