Facebook events ideas for an Estate and Letting Agent

If you are an estate or letting agent, you need to be active on Facebook. However, being active on Facebook doesn’t just mean posting photos of homes and sharing listings. You should engage your audience in a range of ways, and Facebook events are a fantastic way of connecting with your audience.

With the lockdown, there is a limit on the events you can have when it comes to bringing people together in one place. We offer Facebook event ideas, because there will come a time when the housing market moves forward, but we’ve also provided Facebook events which are suitable for the current situation.

Some of the events you can host that are ideal for creating a Facebook event for include:

  • Open house events
  • An open day at your office
  • A conference
  • Charity events

These are all standard events hosted by estate and letting agents. Any event where you welcome people and want to create as much interest as possible is suitable for a Facebook event. It is likely you will have hosted events like this, or similar, and when we move forward, you can create Facebook events for all these activities.

Facebook events for online events

Of course, there is a current trend towards online events, and Facebook events are just as suitable for these. If you are planning on creating upcoming online events, or you need some assistance in choosing the event which is right for you, we can help.

Live video chats

If you plan on going live, you want as many people to watch and get involved. Therefore, it makes sense to plan the event in advance, and then trail and promote it. By creating an event around the live video chat, you can generate interest in it and invite people to get involved when it airs live.

Q&A sessions

Similar to the live video chat, you want as many people to get involved with Q&A sessions, which means promoting in ahead of the session. Create an event that lets people know when you intend to host the session and provide all the information people need to make the most of the session.

A narrated video tour of property

With virtual viewings and video tours being essential these days, it makes sense to make a special occasion out of them. A key benefit of a video tour is it can be watched at any time, but this doesn’t mean you cannot host a launch event that makes it more special.

By offering a specially narrated video tour, you offer more information, which is of interest to your audience.

A virtual open house event

Open house events are a fantastic way to generate a lot of interest and welcome as many people to a property at once. This saves time and effort, and if potential buyers or tenants sees other people also holding an interest, it can increase the likelihood of them making an offer.

By creating an event promoting the virtual open house event, you can generate interest, ensuring as many people as possible are online at the same time.

A virtual open day at your office

A lot of agents like to welcome prospective clients to their audience. This isn’t possible right now, but equally, it is something that agents can always benefit from, regardless of the circumstances. An open day lets people view you in your everyday surroundings, and you have a chance to answer questions or show your way of working.

Competitions and the live announcement of a winner

People love competitions, and this is as true for social media as it is for the offline world. If you want to drum up added interest in a competition or the announcement of the winner, creating an event ensures everyone knows when this takes place.

An interview with local businesses

As an agent, it is helpful to engage and interact with local businesses. This can drive new traffic to your company, and it can also help you to shine a light on other firms. You will enhance your local credentials by promoting other firms as opposed to solely promoting yourself.

You can maximise the initial number of views for your event by creating an event for an upcoming interview.

A new property listing

There is a high demand for property listings and prospective buyers and tenants want to see a property as soon as possible. If you plan on listing a property in a few days, generate excitement for the listing launch by creating an event.

Make the most of your event

If you are looking to generate as much interest as you can in your Facebook event, please consider the following tips:

  • Give your event a snappy and relevant name
  • Write a clear and informative description
  • Use a venue which Facebook recognises
  • Use a great photo to grab attention for the event
  • Create and use hashtags for the event
  • Open up the public wall of the event for comments
  • Pin a post on the wall of the event
  • Make sure you set an end date, as well as the mandatory start date
  • Run targeted Facebook ads to increase awareness of your event
  • If you can co-host the event with another company or local group, do so
  • Promote the event outside of Facebook, both online and offline

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many estate and letting agents promote events on Facebook. If you are looking for assistance in engaging your social media audience, contact Agent Media today.

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