Facebook Favouring Local Content – How To Reach Your Audience

Estate agents, like most businesses, have found their ability to organically reach new and existing clients on Facebook has diminished. There have been a number of major algorithms on the popular social media platform, and it has left many professionals unsure of how they can best reach their audience.

In early 2018, Facebook announced that they were placing greater importance on engagement between family and friends, and less with businesses. The organisation was dealing with a few scandals which meant that many people had lost trust in the platform. This move was undertaken to improve confidence in users, but it harmed many businesses.

Cynical people would also suggest that this move meant that firms looking to reach people had to pay for the privilege through Facebook Ads. There is still a lot to be said for investing in social media adverts but throughout the rest of 2018 and into early 2019, there have been viable ways for a business to reach their audience.

Focus on your local audience
As an estate agent, it is likely you are focused on reaching a local audience, and this provides you with a fantastic opportunity to utilise Facebook. This is because Facebook is favouring local content. The algorithms employed by Facebook are keen to support business content that is relevant and of value to users, and Facebook believes that local content which provides information to people is of greater importance than other forms of business posts.

This is the sort of content that is more likely to be shared by users with their friends and family. Local news stories or promotions relating to their area or their everyday life engage people, and Facebook is keen for users to engage each other as often as they can on the platform.

Develop your local presence with the right content
Therefore, estate agents who have a local presence should look to increase their localised posts. There are many ways you can offer relevant local news or posts while still promoting your business. If you can position yourself as an estate agent that has local knowledge and provides content that people in your area want to see, the algorithms will give your content a helping hand.

Another area where Facebook is prioritising content is video, particularly live video. Recent reviews of Facebook suggest that Facebook Live content has six times the level of interaction that has been pre-filmed, so if you are looking to engage your audience, create live video content that talks about your local area.

Of course, there will always be a time and a place for engaging written content. You will find that engagement-baiting posts, which asked people for comments or likes and shares are not as popular with the algorithms as they used to be but if you create content that starts a conversation, Facebook will ensure that more people see it.

It is understandable that many estate agents have been left exasperated at Facebook changes and the impact on their business. However, with a local focus, you can reach your audience while showcasing your strengths. If you need assistance in reaching your audience, contact Agent Media and we will do what we can to support you.