Facebook: Importance of using Facebook stories for your estate agency

You know Facebook is a highly effective tool for your estate agency. Your audience is on Facebook, and if you find the right tone in your posts and content, you can engage your audience, turning people into clients. It is important you understand all the features Facebook offers, and you’ll find the importance of using Facebook stories for your estate agency shouldn’t be overlooked.

Facebook Stories grab people’s attention
If you’re an estate agent, you know the importance of location and being found in the right place. When it comes to Facebook, the right place is with Facebook Stories. This is the first section people see when they log onto their profile, and the Stories follow people as they scroll through their desktop timeline.

Being prominent is essential for engaging and connecting with your audience, so if you want to grab attention of people, Facebook Stories are essential for your marketing activities.

Stories are popular these days
Whether you focus in on the Facebook algorithms or you want to offer content in a way that people are using these days, Stories are popular. This style of content may be more readily associated with Instagram and Snapchat, but the content format is growing in popularity, which means it is becoming a more prominent feature on Facebook.

Also, Facebook wants to entice users, so they place an importance on Stories, because they know people want to see this style of content. You should always have one eye on what Facebook wants to promote, with live video content being another example of what Facebook wants to see, and you should create content in this format. Right now, Facebook Stories are hot, and Facebook wants to capitalise on it.

Stories help you connect with your audience
Facebook Stories are a fantastic way to make a connection with your audience. This is a more genuine and real piece of content, often recorded as is, and it allows you to inject a touch of personality into your content.

People want to get to know you and the other people in your firm. Facebook Stories represent an easy and effective way to reach out to your audience and show you are an estate agency they can trust.

Facebook helps you measure performance
No matter what you do, you should always measure the success or failure of a campaign. One of the reasons Facebook is a great platform for your marketing activities is because it provides you with a lot of analytics. You know who watches your stories, and this information can be used to better target your audience and reach out to people who show an interest in what you offer.

How should an estate agent use Facebook Stories?
Brevity is crucial with Facebook Stories, so focus on creating “bite-sized” pieces of content that develops a connection between you and your audience.

Be aware of time constraints
A big factor in the popularity and appeal of Facebook Stories is they are a short-lived medium with stories lasting for a maximum of 24 hours. If you create and share interesting content, your followers end up engaging with you regularly to minimise the fear of missing out. A lot of people are attached to their phones these days, and if you serve up interesting content on a regular basis, you can create avid followers.

Tips to make your Facebook Stories of greater interest include:

• Showcasing a personal side and offering a Behind The Scenes view of what takes place in your office or organisation
• Make announcements that provide your Facebook Stories followers with exclusive updates and news before it is announced elsewhere
• Run special offers to people who follow your Facebook Stories
• Offer content that other agents don’t offer, be unique
• Consider the needs and interests of your followers, and create content that is relevant to them
• Involve your team and allow more employees to have a voice
• Use filters, stickers and fonts to create a more unique experience with your Stories

As with all social media marketing opportunities, it is important to not solely focus on promotion. You should shine a light on the local area, the community, stores in your area and aspects that interest you. If you only promote property and your services, people will stop clicking on your Facebook Stories. However, if you offer an interesting blend of topics, including promotional material, you’ll soon find people are interested in what you have to say.

You know that marketing is crucial, and social platforms provide you with fantastic opportunities to reach your audience. If you are looking to make the best use of Facebook, consider Facebook Stories as a way of engaging your audience. If you need assistance in using Facebook Stories to promote your estate agency, contact Agent Media, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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