Facebook lead generation for Estate and Letting Agents

All estate and letting agents want to generate leads. When you generate leads, you increase your chances of connecting with people and gaining instructions. Therefore, generating leads must be viewed as an essential component of your business, and you can use Facebook to generate leads for your business.

The key aspects of generating leads on Facebook include:

  • Know your audience
  • Provide your audience with something they need or will love
  • Follow up quickly with the people signing up
  • Run ads to amplify your reach

While the first two steps need to be carried out at the start of the process, you will find the third and fourth step can run in tandem, often overlapping.

No matter what option you choose to generate leads, you need to give people something. If you expect people to provide you with their contact details, you need to make it worth their while. This is the case on Facebook as it is for any other method you would choose to generate leads.

Generating leads on Facebook – what to offer

Therefore, as you need to offer something to people to incentivise them to providing you with information, consider the following options:

Offer something free

One of the most effective ways to get information from people is to offer them something free in return. You have no shortage of options with this, including vouchers for a store or even stationery, but as an estate agent, you have a service that your audience is looking for.

Offer a free property valuation or a virtual valuation in exchange for your contact details. Anyone who accepts this offer is likely to be thinking about selling their home, which makes this a high-quality lead.

Provide a discount

People love to get money off a product or service. Estate agents can encourage people to sign up for a newsletter by offering a discount to the people who do. This may be a percentage of the overall cost or it could be an element of the service not being included in the bill.

Provide a guide, brochure or useful information that is exclusive to people signing up

Buying, selling and letting property are important stages in people’s lives. There is a need for people to make an informed decision, and if you provide information which helps people make an informed decision, you will generate leads.

Create a how to guide or offer tips on the service you want to offer to people. In these digital times, you can also create video content and share this with your audience as opposed to a brochure or booklet.

There is no right or wrong way to provide information, so consider what is best for you, and your audience.

Host a competition

Competitions are always popular. If you offer an exciting prize, and all people need to do is sign up for your newsletter or Facebook page, you will generate interest. Be mindful of the terms and conditions Facebook imposes on competitions. As long as you don’t breach the rules, you have an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience.

Run a limited time offer

Scarcity encourages people to act, and by offering a great deal or service to people who sign up with you by a certain time, you can boost the people you engage with. No matter what service you are promoting, add a deadline to it, and you will see people lining up to provide you with their personal details.

Host a live event people have to register for

Live events on Facebook are popular, and while there is a lot to be said for broadcasting to everyone, creating exclusivity is also of benefit. By creating a live event that people need to register for, you will reach an interested audience, and you will have their contact details.

Collect pre-launch leads

People want to see properties as soon as they are listed. If you provide an exclusive sight of a newly listed property to people who sign up with you, you’ll find many people are keen to provide you with their contact details.

Facebook is an excellent platform to generate leads. As an agent, you have many ways to engage and interact with your audience. By providing your audience with a suitable incentive, you’ll find people are keen to provide you with their details, allowing you to engage with them regularly.

We understand the importance of lead generation for estate and letting agents. At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many agents generate leads on Facebook. If you would like guidance on this matter, or you need assistance in creating lead generating content on Facebook, please contact Agent Media today.

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