Facebook Outage – A Reminder To Build Your Own Platform

On the 4th of October, some of the most popular social media and messaging platforms were unavailable, and as you would expect, many people didn’t know what to do with themselves.

A few people embraced the silence, enjoying the chance to be more present in the real world, but for others, there would have been a sense of loss surrounding the absence of such an integral part of their life.

The affected platforms were:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram

A total of 3.5 billion users were affected, and of course, many businesses were unable to connect with their audience.

Mark Zuckerberg said; “Sorry for the disruption today – I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about”.

While no company wants to see their customers disrupted, there was a massive financial issue for Facebook. If people can’t access the platform, ads don’t run, and Facebook doesn’t make money.

A fact-checking website, Snopes, suggests that Facebook might have lost out on $79m worth of advert revenue for the six hours the platform was unavailable.

There are many factors to consider, so this might not be a true reflection on the money lost, but as a quick overview, it is enough to make you stop and pay attention.

A sum of $79m equates to more than £54m. That’s a sum that would make even the most exclusive of estate agents pay attention. (There have also been reports that Zuckerberg has lost $7bn in personal wealth relating to the events.)

Twitter enjoyed the outage, with the lead Twitter account grabbing attention and a lot of praise for a simple post saying; “Hello, literally everyone”.

What this means for estate agents?

To be honest, for many estate agents, the Facebook and Instagram outage has already been forgotten. The platforms have been running well for most of the time since, and you would think that Facebook et al will be doing everything they can to avoid this sort of issue arising again.

In this regard, and knowing your audience is on social media, you can see why many people are continuing their business as usual.

However, should this be the case?

If platforms like Facebook can go down, they can go down again, and in the future, they might be down for longer, or even permanently. The people behind these organisations were at pains to say it wasn’t a hacking incident, which has been accepted, but who is to say that there won’t be a hacking incident in the future.

Estate agents should utilise social media as best as they can, but equally, it is not helpful to “put all your eggs in one basket”, especially when you don’t own that basket.

While the threat of Facebook going offline is a concern, it is not as if the platform needs to collapse to see individuals and individual businesses suffer.

Every single day, people are blocked or suspended on Facebook, and the same goes for businesses. You might find your advertising account is taken offline, or it could be your page is removed from the platform.

If this happens, all your hard work and effort is gone in an instant.

Of course, if you worked hard at moving people to other platforms and lists of yours in addition to cultivating your social media presence, you can withstand challenges like this.

How can you build your audience on your own platform?

Some of the ways you can stay in touch with people away from social media include:

  • Having a great website that people return to regularly
  • Creating an email list that allows you to contact people as and when
  • Making people aware of your physical store and encouraging people to come and visit you
  • Develop your app that people can download

These are all smart options which will ensure you can reach people as and when you want, and without worrying about other businesses or platforms performing.

You shouldn’t abandon social media just yet; you should use it to encourage people to meet you on these other platforms. Even allowing for social media platforms not being too keen on businesses taking people away from their platform, there are ways you can achieve this.

How can you move people to your own list or platforms?

Some quick tips to consider to move people to a place you can contact them as and when include:

  • Create engaging blog content on your site, and trail this on social media platforms, moving people to your site
  • Offer content, guides or anything of interest which encourages people to offer their contact details in exchange for the good
  • Make up fliers with all your contact details, including your website and physical store
  • Have business cards that include all your contact details, including your website and office
  • Speak to people in real life and tell them who they can contact you

Be worth following

While it is helpful to know the ways you can encourage people to follow and engage with you, the most important thing is to give people reasons to do so.

You might have the best strategy to move people to your website or to join your mailing list, but if the content you share is rubbish, it will do you no good in the long run.

This is why the quality and relevancy of your content always needs to be at the front of your thoughts.

This is an area where Agent Media has helped many estate agents, and we are more than happy to help you if require assistance.

Knowing your best attributes and the services you offer is vital, as is knowing what people are looking for from you. If you can combine these elements, you have the platform to successfully attract and engage your audience.

Contact Agent Media to create content people want to access

At Agent Media, we know the important of content, and doing as much with your content as you can. We have helped many clients generate a great piece of content, and then use this content to develop great relationships with buyers and vendors.

If you are keen to be the leading agent in your local area, contact Agent Media today, and we will do what we can to assist you reach your audience.