Focus On Value, Not Apps Or Gimmicks

When it comes to promoting your estate agency, you will find that there are many barriers to reaching and engaging your audience. It is only natural that estate agents will want to cut corners or find shortcuts in connecting with prospective clients, but these short-term fixes will often cause more problems in the long-term. There are ways to improve the process of engaging with your audience but ultimately, you should focus on offering value and spend time less worrying about using apps or using gimmicks.

This is because the most important thing for an audience is what they receive. Your clients and customers need information, they need guidance, they want to be entertained and they want to feel as though you are a company that can be trusted and relied upon. Therefore, your core focus with social media should be on what you offer to your clients.

Apps and gimmicks can offer short-term boosts
We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use apps and gimmicks, but they are best used to deliver fantastic content or worthwhile information. If you are reliant on gimmicks to keep people coming back to you or pay attention to you, you will eventually lose this audience. Your audience are not going to follow you for flash content or humorous posts if there is no more substance behind your posts because ultimately, people are going to follow you because you are an estate agent and you can help them buy or sell property or perhaps find rental accommodation.

How many apps lie unused on your phone?
It is always helpful to think of yourself as the user or customer as opposed to the business. Look at your own smartphone and scroll through the multitude of apps that you have on your phone. It is likely that there will be many apps which you have barely used and certainly haven’t used in a long time.

Gimmicks and apps that have a short-term appeal can help you get noticed or create some interest but before too long, they are left to waste, and they certainly aren’t seen as a mark of quality. If this what you think, you can be certain that many other people feel like this too, which means that your customers aren’t going to be won over by gimmicks or short-term treats either.

Consistency and value are the foundation of long-term development and customer relationships
It may sound boring but the most effective way to be considered the estate agent that can be trusted and relied upon is to play the long game. Think about your audience, find out what your audience is looking for and then provide them with content and information that makes a difference in their life.

This doesn’t always have to be a lengthy blog post, if you can share relevant information in an infographic or one image, you should do so. The most important thing for an estate agent to know is what their customers want and then to ensure that they deliver this in the most appropriate fashion.

If you are keen to deliver high quality content that your audience wants to see, come and speak with social media specialists in the property sector. At Agent Media, we have helped many estate agents engage their audience without the need for apps or gimmicks and we look forward to helping you too.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK