Gain New Instructions Using Guides and Facebook Adverts

All businesses should be looking to gain new instructions, and this is the case for estate agents and letting agents. Whether you are keen to work with vendors, buyers, landlords and/or tenants, you need to continually be looking for suitable candidates to engage with.

There are many ways to gain new instructions, but in the present day, the following two methods are of considerable value and benefit:

1. Guides
2. Facebook Adverts

With a guide, you are looking to provide your audience with something they need or want, something they are willing to part with their contact information to receive. Therefore, before creating the ideal guide to offer to your audience, you need to consider:

• Who your audience is?
• What problems do they have?
• What would solve this problem?

When you have considered these three elements, you have the basis for the guide that will gain new instructions. A useful guide solves a problem, and in doing so, it makes people realise you are a trusted option, and that they should feel confident about choosing you.

Therefore, a guide shouldn’t offer a complete solution concerning the services you offer. A useful guide will comprehensively solve one issue or concern your audience has while leaving scope for you to sell a service to the audience.

When you have the right sort of guide, you very quickly hone in on people who you can sell services to. The title of your guide and what it claims to resolve will remove people you don’t want to connect with. This makes guides highly effective, because not only does it help you connect with relevant people, it provides the right people with reasons to trust you.

Facebook Adverts
The reason Facebook Adverts work so well is that they are also targeted on the people you want to connect with. A lot of businesses discuss Facebook as being a brilliant tool, as it helps you connect with the world. For some firms, that is helpful.

If you are a local agent, only wishing to connect with people within ten miles of your office, and who are of a certain age; you don’t need to reach everyone. With Facebook Adverts, you can set the reach of your advert, which means only the people who fit your criteria for suitable candidates will see your ads.

This lowers the cost of advertising while enhancing the effectiveness of your advert. By carefully setting the targeting criteria, your advert will only reach your intended audience. It is even possible to run adverts aimed at people who have visited your website or Facebook page before. In doing so, you can run adverts that build on an initial awareness, helping you to make a tailored approach to your audience.

Can you combine guides and Facebook adverts to more significant effect?

Guides and Facebook adverts are highly effective ways of generating leads and gaining new instructions, but when you use them together, you get even greater results.

Setting up an advert to interested parties that takes them to your guide increases the chance of them signing up for your mailing list or contacting you. This is because you have grabbed their attention with something relevant and you have offered them something of interest.

If you guide is of a sufficient standard that the recipient is impressed with you and what you offer, they are likely to contact you for more details or select your services.

If you are interested in using guides and Facebook Adverts to sell or let homes, or you need guidance on engaging with clients on social media, we can help. At Agent Media, we have a strong track record in helping estate agents set up campaigns and run content that promotes their services that connect with viewers and develop relationships.

Drop us an email or phone Agent Media today to see how we can help you gain new instructions with guides and Facebook Adverts. or diect line 01480 589003.

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