Generate New Relationships on Linkedin to Win More Instructions

LinkedIn is often an overlooked social media platform when it comes to reaching out to people and developing your business. While primarily seen as a business to business (B2B) platform, it is a location where you can engage a wide range of people and businesses. If you are estate agent, you should look to generate new relationships on LinkedIn to win more instructions.

Creating a presence in the local area is always of benefit

In a competitive marketplace, it is important to show that you are the expert in the field. LinkedIn is a tremendous platform to share content that showcases your knowledge of the market and understanding of the housing market.

Therefore, if you are going to share content that underlines your credentials, you want as many people to view this content. Developing your level of connections on LinkedIn with clients and potential clients makes sense.

In this regard, carrying out a localised search will provide you with people who your content will appeal to, so connect with them.

Connect with HR professionals from major employers in an area
There is also a lot to be said for thinking laterally when it comes to maximising your use of LinkedIn. It is one thing to directly connect with prospective clients but what about connecting with an intermediary who could introduce you to a lot of clients?

An example of this would be connecting with HR professionals with a large employer in the local area. It may be that during their duties in looking after employees, HR personnel will receive many requests regarding the local property market. This may not be an area they have expertise in, so a relationship with you would be beneficial to all parties.

This could lead you receiving many recommendations from the employer with respect to new or existing employees looking for property.

Liaise with pertinent professionals who supply housing stock
Another way that you can grow your business is by having more property to offer. Therefore, why not use LinkedIn to develop relationships with professionals who can help you offer more homes to your audience.

Connecting with new homes directors or corporate companies with stock will help yu provide a wider range of property to your clients. This is the sort of mutually beneficial relationship that estate agents need to utilise, and LinkedIn is the ideal platform to develop these relationships.

By posting high quality content and engaging your audience, these professionals will consider you to be a reliable option, making it more likely they will use your services.

When it comes to connecting with the right people, in the most effective manner, LinkedIn is a hugely successful tool, but only if you use it in the correct manner. At Agent Media, we believe that inPower is the ideal way to make genuine connections and develop a relationship. If you are interested in using LinkedIn to generate instructions, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Written by
Ian Watson
Agent Media