Generate Valuation Leads Today in 3 Simple Steps

We all know that getting properties to the market is one of the biggest struggles for an estate agent. With the uncertainty of the property market in the last 12 months this daily task for an estate agent has become even harder. But people still need to move right? Absolutely!

People love talking about themselves and also the property that they own, this is a sense of pride and excitement and people will always talk about property when socialising with their friends whether they are standing at the school gates or even meeting friends for dinner. There is still the mind-set of “How much is my property worth now?” This is where an Instant Valuation Tool can help your estate agency win more instructions for just £50 + vat per month!

How does it work?

Using the latest information in house price data, your online valuation tool will be free for people to use and after they register their details (name, address, email, telephone) they will get an indication of what their property is worth. Obviously this is not 100% accurate but when people submit their details then at least you have the opportunity to contact them. Some leads may be a little cold but a hot one could be worth thousands to your business for a small investment in your marketing. We all know that not everyone wants to commit to booking a valuation with you at this stage but property owners will always be curious. (Vendors AND landlords).

As we have mentioned in our article title, there are three simple steps to generating valuation leads:

1. Click Here and get in touch online
2. Sign up and install your valuation tool
3. Promote!

Sounds simple right? Well, actually it is really because getting started is straight forward but it is the ‘promoting’ part that many estate agents struggle with. We have broken this down for you into different sections to make things easier:

Social Media
This is the most popular way of promoting the tool by using the power of social media to drive traffic through to your own valuation tool link. Your dedicated page will be branded to your business so users know that they have come to the right place. Using the likes of Facebook and Twitter to help drive leads to your valuation tool is ideal but don’t just post it the once and expect results. You need to dedicate some time to scheduling and planning some posts. If you are struggling for time, then we can help you with one of our social media packages – starting from just £149 + vat per month.

Facebook Advertising
Using FB ads may be alien to some of you but again, we can help you with this too… for free! There is one thing that you may not be aware of but you can specifically target people by postcode so you can maximise your Facebook spend with the correct demographic. Don’t waste your money promoting to an area you do not cover and especially not to people who are of a certain age when the first time seller bracket is around 30 years of age. Getting the right message out in the wording on the advert is also key. One of our clients recently promoted to 6000 people in their town (This is great for brand recognition too!) and generated 13 leads from their valuation tool. This resulted in 2 valuations and 1 instruction – how much would you pay for a valuation in today’s market?

Email Marketing
Do you have a database of email addresses that you have collated over the years? If they are just sitting there in your agency software gathering dust, now is a great time to use them to your advantage. Especially, if you have them segmented into those are local to you needing to sell. Send an email talking about the property market in your area and then encourage them to find out how much their property is worth in just 60 seconds. Need help with your email marketing? Our offering starts at just £149 + vat.

Whilst you will still be given a dedicated link to use that is branded to your estate agency, we would recommend that you place a call to action (CTA) button in a prominent position on the homepage and every page on the website. Top Tip: Don’t be precious about the colours used matching your brand because you want this to stand out and be noticed by your visitors. Thinking of refreshing your existing website, click here to see how we can help you.

Hopefully these top tips will help you promote the valuation tool. However, you have to remember that just one lead from the tool could pay for itself for a few years!

Some businesses will spend more on tea and coffee each month than our valuation tool. Hot drinks don’t help you win more instructions our valuation tool will.