Get Personal On Twitter: Your New Year Resolution

Okay, we still have the festive period to get through and that may require a lot of thought and planning. However, there is never any harm in looking forward and when it comes to turning over a new leaf or making changes in your life, there are few more relevant times than New Year. You only have to look at the number of resolutions that are made at the beginning of January to know that if you’re looking for a clean slate, this is the time to make proper changes.

Technically, there is no time like the present to make positive changes in your life or business. The sooner you start to do things correctly, the better it will be for you. What makes New Year so appealing for changes though is the fact that everyone else seems to be taking action at this point, so there is strength in depth. New Year Resolutions aren’t just for people though, you’ll find that you can make resolutions for your business, and if you stick to them, you can reap the rewards for weeks, months and years to come.

Hopefully you are using social media to promote your business but are you using it in the best manner? There are many ways to achieve success with social media marketing but too many firms overlook the social aspect. If you are using Twitter to promote your estate agency, it makes sense to be social, and this means a fantastic New Year Resolution is to be more personal.

As much as your business should look to create a professional and dependable impression, people buy from people. This means people looking for an estate agent will want to find out more about you or the estate agents at your company. It is vital that you show properties and focus on practical aspects of the property market but when it comes to creating relationships with your audience and being seen as an estate agency that knows the local area, showing the personal side of your firm will make a difference.

Share images of your team
A very quick and easy way to be more personal on Twitter is to share images of your team. This allows people to know who they are going to be working with and it can automatically change perceptions of your company. Putting a human side in front of your audience can create empathy, helping people to warm to you, which should make it easier to develop a relationship.

Have quick video interviews with your team
With smartphones, you have everything you need to create great video content that shows the personal side of your business. Depending on your image or identity, the questions you ask your team members can be tailored to create your brand. If you want to be serious and formal, make sure the questions are professional and business related. If you want to be seen as a friendly and welcoming estate agency, be sure to ask questions that allow the fun side of your team to come to the fore.

Talk about qualifications and business experience that team members have
People want to know qualifications and experiences your team can call on, so provide this information. Showing that you have a skilled and competent team is never a bad thing and this can put your audience’s mind at rest, letting them know that hiring your services is a smart move.

Talk about hobbies and interests your team members have outside of work
You can also showcase your personal side by getting team members to talk about their interests outside of work. This is definitely the sort that helps to create empathy amongst your audience and could see you being selected over other estate agents in your local area.

Ask questions of your audience, start a conversation and then respond
Again, never forget the “social” aspect of social media. Ask questions and start conversations because you will find that people will respond and the next thing you know, you are chatting with people which will then become the platform of a relationship. You want to be seen as a company that people like and are happy to recommend to other people.

Sometimes long term business relationships start with asking a simple question like “how is your day going?” or “what are you looking for in your next home?”, so make sure you ask them.

At Agent Media, we believe that the personal side of your business is as important to your success as any other element. If your social media output is focused on the promotional aspect, you may not be connecting with your audience in the right manner. To build relationships and fully engage your audience, be sure to share your social side.

Written By
Ian Charles Watson
Agent Media UK