Are You Giving Your Landlords Any Top Tips? The Benefits Of Being An Informative Letting Agent

In business, there is sometimes a drive to gather information and then keep this information to yourself. You can see why this is the case, many businesses will be worried about rivals and peers obtaining this information and then boosting their own businesses.

On the whole though, it is usually best to share information and if you are an estate agent working with landlords, it makes perfect sense to provide landlords with top tips on how to care for their property and their tenants.

You will provide a much needed service to your clients
It may be that you are dealing with inexperienced or unskilled landlords. The demand for rental property has led many new people to enter this market, and this means that many landlords are in need of guidance and support. It is also the case that many experienced landlords don’t provide the standard of service that they should or don’t know what they should do.

If you work closely with someone, and the estate agent and landlord relationship is a close one, it makes sense to provide people with the tools to do the very best at their job. Sometimes this is equipment or materials but with landlords, it is often information and knowledge. By informing a landlord on how to present their property, making them aware of rental yields in the area, what has happened to house prices, how to communicate with a tenant and how to care for the home, you help them provide the very best service to their clients.

This is what the role of the estate agent or property Management Company is when it comes to working with a landlord. You need to provide the landlord with the best standard of customer service because if you do, they can provide their tenants with the best standard of customer, and this is a win: win situation.

Some of the key reasons why you should be informing your landlord on how to give the best possible service include:

• Your landlords will find life easier/make more profit, encouraging them to stay with you
• Your landlords will provide a better service, helping them become better/more popular
• Your landlords will be more likely to recommend you

If your landlord is making money, they will stay with you, which means that you will continue to bring in business and money. If a landlord is enjoying the letting process and is achieving success, they may decide to invest in more property. If they do, it is likely that they will call on you again for support, which brings in more business for you. Also, if people ask the landlord how they are achieving so much success in their field, they will be more likely to recommend you, which means you may get the chance to work with new clients.

You can strengthen your own level of knowledge
There is also another major benefit that comes from sharing information with your tenants. By carrying out research to provide these top tips, you strengthen your own business knowledge. There are many tips that your business will have picked up through your line of work, but when you offer advice to others, you usually want to double-check what you are about to say.

This means that you are likely to carry out research, so you are not only helping landlords; you are ensuring that you are better informed about your industry. It may be that a landlord will come to you with a problem and because you have carried out research, you will be perfectly placed to provide them with the best answer.
There is also the fact that top tips can be shared on social media posts and blogs. This will help to position yourself as an expert in your field while also drawing people to your sites.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK