Go Live On Social Media To Connect Strongly

If you are looking to connect with your audience, social media is a fantastic option. Social media is free, it is immediate, and it allows a conversation to take place. These are all important aspects when it comes to engaging and connecting with your audience. In recent times, there has been another way for companies to make the most of social media’s ability for engagement and this is with live content.

Going live allows you to deliver unique content
One of the most important things on social media, or online in general, is to offer unique content. Obviously, the content must be of value and of a reasonable standard, but it also must be unique. If you offer duplicate content, this may penalise you on search engines and on other platforms, but you also run the risk of losing your audience once they find that the material has been taken from another source. A large factor in sharing content online is to showcase your credentials and suitability for your audience and if you aren’t sharing unique content, your audience doesn’t learn about you and they won’t grow to trust you.

By going live on social media, you are more likely to provide original and unique content, which is helpful in finding your audience and developing a brand reputation.

People are watching live content
A study by Livestream at the start of 2017 found that 81% of respondents said that they viewed more live streaming in 2016 than they did in 2015. Since then, opportunities to offer high quality live content have increased and this is partly down to the fact that the audience is available for live content.

The fact that YouTube and Facebook are enhancing live stream opportunities indicates that users want this experience.

Live content is affordable
You don’t need special equipment to go live, if you can post on social media, you should be able to go live. Of course, you can scale up or buy specialist equipment if you want to create a certain tone or mood but even with standard lighting or natural light, it should be possible to create live content that is of a fine standard for your audience.

Users have lower expectations with live content
One of the good things about live content is that it comes with fewer expectations for an audience. If you release a promotional video, there is an expectation that it will be produced to a very high standard. With live content, people are more likely to accept that the content will not be as polished and that one or two things may go wrong.

Users will understand that the presenters on camera will likely be more nervous with live content too, so this helps to create a better bond or elicit empathy from the audience with this content. If you are developing a brand, it is likely that live content helps to create a connection.

Engagement increases with live content
Studies indicate that users are more likely to comment or interact on a live video, so if you are looking to increase your social media engagement, you’ll find that going live is the ideal way to get people talking and asking questions. Facebook issued a statement saying that live videos can result in 10 times the volume of comments being made, so you can see why this is a fantastic option for firms to offer to their audience.

As an estate agent operating in a competitive market place, you will want to stand out from your peers. Live content on social media is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from other firms while ensuring you provide your audience with engaging and informative content. If you would like to learn more about how live content can boost your estate agent, come and speak with Agent Media.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK