Going Live: Estate Agents Can Show And Sell From Their Own Channel

Agent Media in conjunction with eFilm and Vimeo are pleased to offer a low cost
unique live video platform which collects client data.

Video content is imperative to all processes of the property market now.
With a live video channel, agents will be in complete control of their output and engagement with clients.

With the live video channel set-up, agents can:

 Set the time and date of the broadcast, enabling promotion in advance of the event.

 Collect viewer contact details, sending automated email reminders with the broadcast about to start.

 Utilise TV standard editing facilities to enhance the standard of video captured during the broadcast.

 Share the video live on social media platforms.

 Reuse the content in property listings and all promotional activities.

The live broadcast can also be shown on an agent’s social media channels in addition to the
Vimeo/eFilm collaboration, ensuring the content reaches as broad an audience as possible.

In the current climate, there is a fantastic opportunity for estate agents to reach their audience
digitally, but the content must be available where people are. When the video content is shared
live in this manner, the reach is tremendous.

There is no limit as to where agents can create and share these videos from. Whether it is a single
one-off broadcast or a weekly bulletin, agents are broadcasting from their offices, on the road,
on the High Street, from their home, and the home of clients.

With many agents looking to support their local community and businesses as much as possible
these days, the videos can even be broadcasted from the front of shops, community centres and
anywhere in the heart of the local community. Social distancing measures should be followed, but
after that, there is no limit on where an agent can broadcast from right now.

While broadcasting to an audience is essential, agents want to engage local buyers and vendors, and
the APP allows for full interaction. During the broadcast, viewers can respond and ask questions
with text chat so full interaction is possible enabling properties to be viewed in detail by multiple
potential buyers and renters simultaneously.

When it comes to professional engagement, broadcasting live and responding to questions in
real-time creates a bond that will drive traffic and raise brand awareness instantly.

There is also scope for customisation of the broadcast. eFilm and Agent Media can help agents
create a branded template for live shows. Agents looking to run listing information, adverts or
marketing messages throughout their live stream can do so with no extra work.

efilm was only launched at the beginning of April, but has seen a multitude of estate agents
incorporate this broadcast-quality service. TV standard Media training, high-quality animations and
an impressive turnaround has captivated clients and has ensured that creativity and new technology
are at the forefront of their agency and brand.

Costs of the service:
(No per branch costs, the monthlies are per business)

 Video Hosting – £70 per month for the live Vimeo channel, unlimiting streaming and 7TB of video storage.
 £250 plus VAT for eFilm/Vimeo – one off set-up fee (Up to 10 branches).
 £100 plus VAT for eFilm support and 3rd party email services. (up to 10 branches).

Note; If your estate agency has more than 10 branches or you are a National brand, agent Media will
tailor the service you require.

efilm offers a TV quality 24/7 editing service to turn live productions into professional films.
Enhancing content and tailoring it for property marketing minutes after the broadcast has finished.

Estate agents www.ryder-dutton.co.uk have trialled the eFilm/Vimeo collaboration and have
now decided to launch it across all 26 offices throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire and
Yorkshire after the first LIVE broadcast was a resounding success.

Six potential buyers registered via efilm and watched the broadcast excitedly interacting with
Ryder & Dutton Branch Manager Lewis McLarty.

About Agent Media:
Agent Media UK creates innovative solutions to help Estate Agents generate more business with less
effort. Founded in 2011 by award-winning ex-estate agents, the company is composed of digital
marketers, engineers, designers, social media experts and customer service professionals who are all
committed to helping with your success.

With video content being in high demand, and current restrictions forcing estate agents to look for
suitable solutions, Agent Media is focused on offering viable and actionable solutions for agents,
today and tomorrow. The provision of eFilm services is an example of how the company is
researching solutions that will assist agents to maintain and improve their business.

Contact us today to discuss our services, email Ian Watson (Founder) ian.watson@agentmedia.co.uk or direct line 01480 589003.