Google Posts – A Path To Social Success In 2020

All businesses want to be found on Google for relevant search terms, and estate agents are no different. Therefore, it makes sense to play by Google’s rules and to give Google what they are looking for. More and estate agents realise the importance of Google My Business (GMB).

Google, like all sites and platforms, would prefer to keep users on their site as opposed to directing them towards other sites. People used to use Google to find out about a firm, and then click through a link to get to the company website or sales platform. Nowadays, Google provides a lot more information about a company and what they offer without the need for users to click through to the website.

Some firms view this as a bad thing, and if your website hit rates have fallen, it is easy to see how this is a bad thing. However, if the content Google shows people about your firm is enough to persuade them to contact you without even looking at your website, surely this is a positive outcome?

Google Posts are an excellent way to bolster your GMB listing and provide your audience and potential customers with relevant and persuasive information. With Google Posts, you can publish events, products and services, so it is ideal for estate agents reaching out to a local audience.

Analyse your Google Posts
As with everything you do, there is a need to be analytical with Google Posts. The Google My Business dashboard provides you with a number of views and clicks, but there isn’t much beyond this information.

However, if you create a custom URL that is embedded in your Call-To-Action link, you can find out more about your users and their actions through Google Analytics.

If you haven’t utilised analytics much yet, or you need to improve, 2020 should be the year this becomes a priority. We are more than happy to assist you with the process.

Promote events and services
You have an opportunity to grab attention and direct people towards relevant events and services you offer. Take this opportunity by posting timely and relevant services or forthcoming activities or events. If you stay on top of local trends, you can share content that is timely and will grab attention for the right reasons.

Be brief with your content
Only the first 100 characters show in the Knowledge Panel, so make sure you provide relevant information straight away.

Get the image right
You should know the importance of images in stopping people and making them pay attention. The optimal size for Google Post images is 750×750, and any image smaller than 250×250 will not be accepted. Review the image, making sure it is “centre-weighted” and that important information or people aren’t being cut off.

Post regularly
Posts only stay live for seven days, and at this time, there isn’t a way to schedule posts. In total, Google will scroll up to 10 posts in a carousel, but only the first two and a half are seen without scrolling.

By posting up-to-date and relevant posts, that grab attention and feature a Call-To-Action, you can grab attention for all the right reasons. Many estate agents are concerned about Google limiting traffic to websites, but you can use this to your advantage.

By successfully using Google Posts, you can provide your audience with everything they need to feel confident about using your services. If you would like guidance on how to use Google Posts for your estate agents business, contact Agent Media, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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