How Best To Reach Your Audience – One Piece Of Content In Many Forms

If you are an estate agent, you are already working far too many hours a day, too many days a week and far too much overall. This is part and parcel of the job, and there is no denying a lot of estate agents thrive on being busy.

However, there comes a time for all estate agents when it feels as though you are doing too much without even covering half of the things you would love to do.

There is so much to do in dealing with clients, liaising with other professionals and being on the go that you might feel as though there is no time to manage social media and enhance your online profile.

When you consider there are new platforms, channels and mediums being created all the time, it is all too easy to think you can’t keep up. The news that some estate agents are “smashing it” on TikTok, generating views and leads in big numbers, might be welcome, but the reality is, it will scare the life out of many estate agents.

If you are going to sell houses, you need to connect with people. This means you need to have some element of performance about you, allowing you to connect with others. However, being good at meeting people and doing a professional job is a million miles away from being a standout character on TikTok.

When things become overwhelming, there is a tendency to stop everything. You might feel if you can’t keep up all the different social media platforms, is there any point in doing any of them?

Of course, there is.

However, you need to work smarter, not necessarily harder, although being fair, working harder will also help!

At Agent Media, we know the challenges faced by estate agents in connecting with clients and presenting themselves to their audience. Rather than trying to do everything, we believe the best way to reach your audience is to focus on creating one piece of content.

With one good piece of content, you have a platform to create many different pieces of content, in a wide range of formats, styles and mediums. However, you need to get the initial piece of content right first, and this is something we can help you with.

Combine what you do well with what people need to know

No matter what you do as an estate, when you communicate with prospective customers, there should be two key components:

  1. You need to be present in the content, people need to know it comes from you, and that it is a fair representation of you
  2. You need to consider what people want, and the content should be tailored to the needs of your audience

If you start by focusing on these two aspects, you have a far greater chance of success.

Starting with a blog post makes sense

Everyone is unique and the way that works best for you might be different from what works for others. Therefore, you need to find your best way of getting your ideas out of your head and into real life.

At Agent Media, we like to start with a blog piece. Most people are comfortable with the idea of researching for a blog, and you have an opportunity to discuss a topic in-depth.

If you are looking to create a lot of individual pieces of content from one original piece, it makes sense for the initial piece to be longer than the others. This allows you to cherry pick elements or take features from it easily.

A social media post

It is understandable that when you create a blog post, you will post links to it on social media. This is a sensible tactic and a brilliant way of driving relevant traffic to your website.

However, you don’t just want to think of the blog post as a way of moving people from social media to your site, you should also look to engage people directly on social media.

One issue that social media platforms have is they dislike businesses taking people away from the platform. Therefore, if you can engage your audience with content on the social media timeline, it is likely the social media algorithms will be more amenable to you.

Look through your blog content and see if there are any snippets which will work well as a quote or a standalone post.

If you can encourage likes or comments on your social media page, it is great for the algorithms, but it also creates a human touch too, which is likely to encourage people to come back.

A lot of estate agents struggle to come up with ideas for social media posts, but it might be you have fantastic options already in place in your content.

A social media graphic or GIF

Similarly, you might have information that lends itself well to creating an image or even a GIF which can be placed on social media.

There is plenty of research, and anecdotal evidence, that social media platforms and users love graphics. When someone is scrolling through a lot of text, images make them stop and grab their attention.

If you have statistics or an interesting quote in your article, consider making it into an image or GIF and share it on your social timeline.


Infographics are more detailed images, containing more information for people, but the point relating to social media graphics or GIFs still stands. If you are creating infographics, be sure to include your logo or contact details on a prominent part of the image.

Good infographics are often shared online, and can reach a wide audience in next to no time. Once other people start sharing the content, if you don’t have a logo or business information on it, you lose the benefit of the extended reach.

However, if the infographic takes your name and contact details around the world, you can benefit greatly.

A video

Video is essential in the modern climate, and if you are an estate agent, you need to add video content to your output.

Not every agent is comfortable on camera, and that is okay. You don’t need to appear in your video clips, or provide a voiceover if you don’t want to. There are benefits in doing so, but it is best to have a video without you present than to have no video at all.

Video content can be placed on your site, on sites like YouTube or Daily Motion and even on your social media pages.

A short video or range of short videos

Short videos are very popular right now, with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok all platforms where short (and often vertical) videos do very well. These are ideally suited to people who are happy to talk on camera, and you can pull out a couple of main points from your main article and use it as the basis for your short video clip.

A podcast or audio clip

It is vital you think about your audience and it might be that some people prefer to receive information in an audio format. Podcast content is popular with people when commuting, driving, on the treadmill or bike in the gym or when they are busy around the house.

By sharing your content in this format, it helps you reach more people, and it also showcases your personality. Some people sparkle more when talking than in the written word, and if this is true for you, it makes sense to capitalise on this by turning your existing content into audio content.

A PDF guide which can be used as a lead magnet

If you are keen for your content to work harder for you, how about using it to generate leads and contact information from prospective clients?

A very popular way of doing this, and something we at Agent Media have helped many clients with, is creating PDF guides that are offered to clients in exchange for contact details. If you create a guide packed with useful information that will help people in the housing market, you’ll find they are willing to join your database to access this content.

You might even just place the content on a restricted webpage that people can only access through use of a password, which you provide in exchange for contact details.

An ebook or actual book

A process similar to creating a PDF guide is to create an ebook or physical content with your content. You can give this curated and collected content away for free, but many estate agents are now authors, with books found on sites like Amazon.

If this appeals to you, and being able to class yourself as an author while handing out copies of your book is surely great for business, it is a simple process. Once you have the content in place, the process of creating a book is simple.

A discussion point for your audience

You want to get people talking, so why not take key points, or a key issue, from your blog and ask people questions. With social media, you need to ask questions and generate interest in what you do. By linking this to your blog content, you have a platform to make people more informed while generating interest in what you do.

A poll for your audience

Similarly, polls are a great way to generate interest and find out what people think. If you have a hot topic in your blog content, you can ask people what they think. Then, when you get the results, you have the platform for further content, as you share the findings with your audience.

Contact Agent Media to do more with content

At Agent Media, we know the important of content, and doing as much with your content as you can. We have helped many clients generate a great piece of content, and then use this content in many ways.

If you are keen to be the leading agent in your local area, contact Agent Media today, and we will do what we can to assist you reach your audience.