How Facebook Can Generate More Property Instructions

Every estate agent wants to generate more property instructions but knowing the best way to achieve these instructions can be difficult. At Agent Media, we have worked closely with many estate agents and we find Facebook is highly effective when it comes to generating property instructions.

Given that so many people use social media, it makes sense that Facebook is a platform you can use to reach out to people. However, remember the “social” aspect of social media. Traditional marketing approaches are unlikely to be successful on social media, so make sure that you tailor your approach to best suit the platform. If you do this, you will find that Facebook is an excellent way to generate instructions.

Facebook promotes property to the highest standard

When it comes to promoting property, people want to see images and video clips. Thankfully, Facebook is a fantastic platform for images and video clips, in fact, the platform thrives on it. Therefore, you need to ensure that you take good-quality images of the property and that you create walkthrough videos of the home and video content that showcases the local area.

Original content is always a smart idea and in creating this content, you not only promote a property effectively, but you also send out the signal that you take the promotion process seriously. If you want to gain instructions, you need to prove that you can promote a property well, and Facebook is an ideal platform to showcase your skills and capabilities.

Showcase your credentials
Images and video content allow you to showcase your skills and capabilities when it comes to promoting a property, but you want to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the area. Create content where you talk about local property issues or talk about your experience in the local area.

There are many estate agents to choose from, so you want to be the professional that people trust. By detailing your expertise and providing examples of the work you do in the area and for your clients, you will be more likely to be the estate agent that clients trust.

Utilise Facebook Live capabilities to increase attention
Not all content is considered equal on Facebook, so it makes sense to create content that the Facebook algorithms prioritise in people’s timelines. Right now, live streaming is very hot on Facebook and if you create this content, you will be more likely to end up in front of your audience.

Having an increased presence is a strong reason to use Facebook Live but you can also promote properties, talk about the community, detail your expertise and provide numerous reasons as to why you are the firm that clients should instruct to sell their home.

Be active and provide information

It is vital that you are active and that you provide information that people benefit from knowing. If you want to be regarded as an expert that people can trust, provide information that shows you are an expert. No matter the month, there will always be a new piece of legislation or important news story when it comes to the local property market, so discuss it.

If you are recognised as a source of local property news, people will turn to you on a regular basis to ensure that they receive the information they need. It should go without saying but offering content that is worth sharing should be at the heart of your Facebook strategy to win more instructions.

Run competitions
Due to various restrictions on Facebook competitions, these are not as popular or as successful as they used to be, but when used correctly, they are of value. If you are looking to grow your audience and make more people aware of what you do, you will find competitions are of benefit.

Offer a local prize, perhaps through pairing up with a local store, restaurant or entertainment outlet to offer vouchers, and you’ll find people will have an interest in what you offer. By teaming up with a local firm, there is a strong chance that they will cross-promote your business, bringing you to a wider yet still relevant audience.

Target a similar audience to find potential new clients

If you are using Facebook ads, why not create a lookalike audience based around the people who already follow you? This will help you find people who are likely to have an interest in what you offer, either now or some point in the future.

Hopefully, these reasons convince you that Facebook is the ideal platform to gain instructions. If you are an estate agent and you need help in increasing awareness about your agency and gaining instructions, contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Written by
Ian Watson
Agent Media Group