How Instagram adverts can generate more instructions

Given that Instagram is a social media platform that is fantastic for images and video content, it is no surprise that many estate agents are finding success with adverts and content. When it comes to making prospective buyers stop and pay attention, great images of the property have always helped, and this is a platform built on fantastic images.

Add in the fact that Instagram adverts allow you to target specific people and recent studies suggest that a sizable proportion of Instagram users take action, there is a lot to be said for using Instagram adverts to generate more instructions.

Why should you use Instagram ads?
It helps to have a clear objective for your Instagram adverts. Developing brand awareness or generating traffic are good outcomes but for estate agents, gaining instructions is a suitable objective and one which will positively impact on your business.

Alongside the objective, you should consider aspects like:

  • Research – what are similar firms doing with Instagram ads? Can you copy or something different?
  • Targeting – Find the audience group that is most likely to respond well to your ad and help you achieve your objective
  • Create – This is the step that brings together images, videos, written content and your call to action that turns ad users into customers
  • Tracking – Once you set an advert free into the world, you shouldn’t sit back and let it all unfold. It is important to track the advert, deduce what is working and what isn’t and then make changes to make the advert more appealing

How to target your audience on Instagram?
If you are an established estate agent, you should already have an idea of who your audience is. Each individual or household is unique and has their own characteristics, but you may find that there are commonalities amongst the people who already use your service. This may be age, location, gender, income bracket, behaviour, demographics or anything which helps you to focus in on a particular group.

Given that Instagram uses the Facebook Ad platform, if you are familiar with that, you will be comfortable in creating an audience for your ad.

Custom audience or lookalike audience may be right for you
It may be that running an ad on a Custom audience is better for you, and this is built around people who have already used your service. You tap into this audience by uploading a database of phone numbers or emails and then Facebook matches this with Facebook users and you can then create ads to this audience through Instagram.

You can also select to send ads to a lookalike audience. This is when ads are sent to people who share characteristics with your audience. Rather than manually reviewing your existing audience and then setting up an ad aimed at people who share these characteristics, the lookalike audience method can save a lot of work and duplication.

These steps help you to gain more instructions because they allow you to target people who are more likely to want what you offer. When advertising, quality is always better than quantity; and therefore, Instagram advertising is so beneficial to estate agents.

Instagram provides a blend of ads that target the right people with a medium that is based around the best content that an estate agent can offer.  When these two aspects are used in the correct manner, it can only help an estate agent to increase the number of instructions they gain.

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Written By
Ian Watson
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