How One Single Like On Facebook Could Lead To An Instruction

As an estate agent, you understand the importance of value for money. You know there are a million and one things a client can do around their home to attract buyers, but most of them don’t provide value for money or have any tangible impact. You also know it’s the same for your business.

As an estate agent, you want to promote your services to the most likely clients and candidates. You want to position yourself as the number one option in your local area, and you want to develop relationships with people that ensure you are the estate agent people turn to and recommend.

You may question whether a Facebook post is worth the time or money. It is fair to say the organic reach of Facebook has diminished, with the social media platform looking to monetise the site in their favour. However, Facebook is still a suitable platform, and it remains the most popular social media platform for the audience you are trying to reach.

Facebook posts allow you to network
If you view Facebook as a rival to traditional advertising or marketing platforms, you are probably looking at it in a slanted or incomplete manner. You need to remember Facebook is a social networking platform, and to get the most of it, you need to be social, and you need to network. If you approach each Facebook post in the manner of how you would interact at a networking event, you’ll be more likely to succeed.

Some tips to remember when posting on Facebook include:

• Ask others how they are doing, find out about them and make them feel you value their time and conversation
• Don’t just promote yourself, but if the opportunity presents itself to indicate how you can help the other person, do so
• Don’t attempt to close a deal straight away, but make sure you leave the door open for further connections
• Read the mood of the time – if you can be light-hearted, do so, if it is a time to be serious, do so
• Have fun and enjoy yourself

These are useful tips to follow in creating Facebook instructions that could lead to an instruction, but it is understandable if you are unsure of how this works for you.

At Agent Media, we’ve helped many estate agents create engaging social media posts, and we’re delighted to say that we took a client from one single like on Facebook to an instruction.

This local estate agent, perhaps like yourself, gets involved with local events and charities they like to support, and which provides them with an opportunity to enjoy themselves. For this firm, a charity golf day was the ultimate day out, with the partners making sure their calendars were cleared in advance of the day.

As you’d expect, the day was a great success, and the estate agency saw that the golf course had shared images of the day on their page. Even though the company was only in one of the photos, they shared all the posts, promoting the golf course and the event.

Followers of the estate agent, most people living in or around their town, started liking the post, and the way Facebook works means that friends of these followers started seeing the post.

A golf club member who wasn’t at the charity event saw the estate agent’s post after a friend of theirs liked it and loved the fact that this estate agent was supporting their club, and a cause that was important to them. The fact that this individual was struggling to sell their home created the connection, and the following day, after the person checked out their Facebook post and website, got in touch with the agent.

The golf club member hadn’t seen the original post from their golf club. Facebook moves fast, and sometimes you miss posts from the people or organisations you follow. There is also the thought that Facebook doesn’t show you everything, and many companies feel that only a limited number of their followers sees their posts.

As said above, Facebook doesn’t always support organic posts, but they value engagement and likes. It was the liking and sharing of the estate agent’s post, as opposed to the original golf club’s post, that put the images in front of the golf club member, and this created the connection that leads to an instruction.

Out of all the people who view posts or find it through other organisations or people liking and sharing, the vast majority won’t have an engagement beyond the initial acknowledgement. That’s okay, and that is what happens at most network events.

However, the shared post acts as an endorsement, and to that one person who was having problems with their current estate agent, and who was actively thinking of choosing another professional to sell their home, it was the perfect introduction.

You have to show up on social platforms like Facebook
It may not be the most exciting story, but it shows the importance of turning up and having a presence. You can attend a networking event every day of the week, but unless you engage others and develop a platform that promotes yourself while showing you are there to listen to other people, you’ll get nothing from it apart from some free food and drink, and a few hours out of the home or office.

It is the same with social media sites like Facebook. It is crucial to have a presence on these platforms, but you need to engage people. If you don’t post, people don’t see what you have to offer, and they aren’t able to share content, because there is nothing to share. However, if you put yourself out there, and you create content that interests people and encourages them to share, your chances of being found by people looking for you increases.

At Agent Media, we understand the importance of sharing appropriate content, and of the fact that you cannot just promote your service. Companies selling fast moving consumer goods can promote affordable products, encouraging impulse buyers. As an estate agent, you operate at a higher level.

People who use your services research their options, and they want to find an agent they trust. You should promote your services on Facebook, but you should also develop your local presence, your interests, the causes you love, and other firms.

These are the actions that generate interest and stimulate engagement around you, and that is what drives people to you, and it helps win instructions. If you’re an estate agent wondering how to gain instructions from one post or one like, contact Agent Media, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK