How Social Media Can Gain More Instructions For An Estate Agent

First of all, you should be friendly, informative and looking to cultivate relationships on social media. This means that you can’t always be selling properties or selling yourself.

Showing that you have a knowledge and understanding of the local area will be a great starting point and if you notice that other people are having conversations or have questions that you can answer, provide the answer. No matter what your aims are on social media, bear in mind that you have to be “sociable”, the clue is in the name.

Whether someone is looking for a reliable local plumber or they want to know the best local park to walk their dog, if you have local knowledge, showcase it on social media platforms. By proving you are an expert worth following and that you know the local area, you will find that you become recognised as the local estate agent to trust.

You should also be looking to develop relationships with local landlords, landlord social media groups and even local businesses. You don’t operate in a vacuum and if you can offer help to other businesses or professionals, who in turn will be able to provide you with help, you should do so. This is not only a great way to develop business contacts; you will find that this is an effective way to develop new followers and to be found as the reliable estate agent in your local area.

Statistics are always useful but you need to use them right
When it comes to convincing a client that you are the right agent for them, statistics can always help and this is where generating social media reports can help. If your client found you via social media, they will already know that you have a presence there but you want to drive home how you benefit from this presence. Showcasing a report which indicates the number of followers you have, the clicks you receive, the engagement and interaction that follows your tweets and the ultimate business on your site relating to social media engagement will always have a positive impact.

It is important to undertake analytics of your social media work for your own needs and understanding but equally, if you are looking to convince others that you are the right professional for a job, let the statistics speak for themselves.

You should also know that social media platforms are the perfect place for visual content. This means that you should look to share images and video content of the homes that you offer and of the local area. These will be the things that stick in people’s minds when they look through their timelines, or on your social media platform, so take advantage of what you have to offer.

If you take these steps and follow this approach, while making it clear that you are approachable and ready to help on a wide variety of topics, you will find that you can gain more instructions with a minimum of fuss and effort.

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Written By

Ian Watson


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