How Social Media Can Strengthen Your Relationship With Vendors & Landlords

When it comes to using social media correctly for your estate agent business, in fact any business, it is all about developing relationships. Too many people and businesses forget the “social” part of social media and instead focus on selling and promotion. This isn’t the way to achieve success with social media and it isn’t the way to be seen as a local expert. If you want to make the most of your social media platforms, you need to reach out to people and you need to give them plenty of reasons to follow you or look out for you.

You also need to be aware that social media isn’t just about developing relationships with people who will hopefully buy from you one day, it is about building relationships with everyone you work alongside with or do deals with. If you are an estate agent, you know that you will deal with vendors and landlords, so it makes sense to develop a good relationship with them. Social media provides you with the perfect chance to do this and if you do it properly, everyone can benefit.

Think about it, your vendors and landlords will have their own followers on social media and it is likely that these people will fall into the demographics that you want to reach out to. This means that you are all operating in the same market and with the same consumers so working together and being seen as the best options for particular services surely makes sense?

Work together with people that can help you move forward
If you are both looking to rent/sell the same property, surely it makes sense that you work together and use the best information or images that you have? When you both have content relating to a property or area, pool that content to ensure that you provide the best information and service to clients. You should also work together to answer questions and if you are seen as being the experts in your local area, chatting away on social media, you will draw positive attention to yourself.

This relationship, like most relationships, start off simply.
Ask for a follow or a like and start engaging with your local vendors or landlords. You should hold off from promotional stuff at the start, at this stage, you are only looking to connect with local businesses/people that have an interest in local area and property. Not every firm, business or professional is a rival to you, you will find that working with many professionals can be of benefit and pooling social media work is a simple and straightforward to move forward.

Working together on social media will make it easier to work together on certain aspects in real life. When you have a shared base, it is easier to discuss pricing or strategy because you know that you are both working together, rather than against each other. When it comes to delivering the best standard of service, you will find that social media relationships with professionals such as vendors and landlords can provide you with the platform to build success.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK